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GM to Sell Electric Bikes Powered by Lithium Ion Batteries in Europe

GM to Sell Electric Bikes Powered by Lithium Ion Batteries in Europe


General Motors is ready to launch new electric bikes under the brand name Ariv in Europe. The electric bikes include two pedal assisted models, one is the compact bike known as Meld and another is a folding bike, the Merge. Both electric bikes are due to arrive in Europe by summer and GM is planning to start selling electric bikes by the second Quarter of 2019 in Europe.

GM will launch both electric bikes first in Belgium, Germany, and the Netherlands, owing to the increasing popularity of lithium-ion battery powered cycles. The Ariv electric bikes use lithium-ion batteries and are able to deliver four levels of pedaling assistance at speed up to 15.5 miles/hour. Bikes can be recharged in 3.5 hours and offer nearly 40 miles of range in a single charge.

GM has already started taking pre-orders of bikes. In Belgium and the Netherlands, the retail price of Ariv Meld is €2,800 euros, while the retail cost of Ariv Merge is €3,400 euros. Meanwhile, both the electric bikes are €50 cheaper in Germany. The components in both electric bikes are designed and developed in-house by General Motors, moreover, bikes include unique designed motor by GM that was developed “from the ground up” for bikes.

GM electric bikes are integrated with various advanced features like both bikes have walk mode that uses electric motor to push the bike manually if needed. Bikes also have a built-in smartphone mount from Quad Lock and a USB port that enable riders to charge devices while riding. Bikes also include disc brakes, and front and rear lights. The user can also connect the smartphone with bike via Bluetooth, thereby, providing information to the riders on their trips. The Ariv app monitors distance, speed, battery level, motor assist level and other metrics.

GM already has a presence in the electric car market with its Chevrolet Bolt vehicles. With Ariv brand GM is likely to make a strong footprint in the electric vehicle market.

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Initiatives by Government in Various Countries Driving Electric Vehicle Demand

Initiatives are being taken by governments and organizations to promote sustainable energy utilization and emission control. Moreover, governments across various countries are promoting the use of hybrid and electric vehicles to cut the level of pollution. Majority of the electric and hybrid vehicles operate on rechargeable batteries, hence, with increasing adoption of electric vehicles including cars and bikes, the demand for automotive lithium-ion battery packs is likely to grow in the coming years.

Automotive manufacturers are increasingly collaborating with electronic manufacturers to develop new and effective lithium-ion batteries for vehicles. The automotive lithium ion battery pack market is projected to surpass US$ 32,300 million by 2026 end. A surge in collaboration is driving battery manufacturers to develop new battery packs providing better performance when installed in vehicles. Moreover, with increasing production of passenger vehicles along with hybrid and electric cars, the adoption of the automotive lithium ion battery pack will be high in this segment.

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