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Google Maps will let you know whether you need a solar panel or not

Google Maps will let you know whether you need a solar panel or not


Google’s ambitions to run its global operations entirely on renewable energy sources is known. The company has now set an example to the others by taking a lead. Google has updated the interactive Sunroof map so that it will help people know if it beneficial to install a solar panel on their roof or not.

In an official blog post, Google has announced that it has updated the map will include the data for all the states in the United States. The data will have the details about the solar energy potential for over 60 million buildings all across the US. Google launched this initiative two years back and it leverages the visual data from Maps and Earth to generate the 3D models of the amount of sunlight that will reach the roof of a specific building.

In order to provide accurate information, this tool will consider the weather patterns, the shade from the nearby obstructions such as tall buildings and trees and the sun’s position in the sky during the different times of the year.

In addition to updating the interactive sunroof map, Google has also shared some useful statistics retailed to the amount of solar energy in the US. As per these findings, almost 80% of the rooftops those were analyzed are viable for solar panel installation. This means that these rooftops get enough sunlight as they do not have a lot of shared area making them suitable for solar panel installation.

Going by the statistics shared by Google, Houston is the city that tops the list and is estimated to have 18,940 gigawatt hours (Gwh) of rooftop solar generation potential on a yearly basis. It is followed by other cities such as Los Angeles, Phoenix, San Antonio, New York, San Diego, Jacksonville, Oklahoma, Dallas and Albuquerque.

Source: gizbot
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