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Government moving towards making electricity bill zero: PM Modi in Guwahati – EQ

Government moving towards making electricity bill zero: PM Modi in Guwahati – EQ


In Short : Prime Minister Modi’s statement suggests that the government is working towards a goal where citizens can potentially eliminate or significantly reduce their electricity bills. This could indicate a focus on promoting energy efficiency, renewable energy adoption, or other initiatives aimed at reducing the financial burden on individuals related to electricity consumption.

In Detail : Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced that the BJP government at the Centre is working towards eliminating electricity bills for households in the country. The Prime Minister made these remarks while addressing a gathering in Guwahati after inaugurating and laying the foundation stone for projects worth Rs 11,599 crore.

PM Modi highlighted the achievements of the last decade, where the focus was on providing electricity to every household. He emphasized the government’s current goal of reducing electricity bills to zero, mentioning a significant rooftop solar scheme announced in the budget. Under this scheme, the government plans to assist one crore families in installing rooftop solar panels.

The Prime Minister affirmed the commitment of the BJP’s double-engine government to reach every beneficiary, stating, “Our goal is to make the life of every citizen comfortable. This focus is clear in our budget, with the government allocating Rs 11 lakh crore for infrastructure development.”

Among the key projects inaugurated was the Maa Kamakhya Divya Pariyojana (Maa Kamakhya Access Corridor), sanctioned under the Prime Minister’s Development Initiative for North Eastern Region (PM-DevINE) scheme. This project aims to provide world-class amenities to pilgrims visiting the Kamakhya temple.

PM Modi expressed his gratitude for the opportunity to dedicate projects for Assam and highlighted the importance of strengthening connectivity with other countries in South Asia. He noted that these projects would generate employment opportunities in the tourism sector.

Reflecting on the increasing enthusiasm for tourism and pilgrimage in the country, PM Modi mentioned that over 24 lakh people had visited the Ram Temple in Ayodhya in just 12 days since its public opening on January 22.

Before launching the developmental projects, Narendra Modi conducted a roadshow in Guwahati, where the public enthusiastically chanted his name. The Prime Minister reciprocated the warm reception by waving back at the crowd.

Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network