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Grand Unveiling of Ground breaking 350KW Inverter And 4GW Shipment  Milestone For Solis in India – EQ

Grand Unveiling of Ground breaking 350KW Inverter And 4GW Shipment Milestone For Solis in India – EQ


Grand Unveiling of Groundbreaking 350KW Inverter And 4GW Shipment Milestone For Solis in India

In a significant development for the renewable energy sector, Solis, a global leader in photovoltaic inverter manufacturing, launched its new 350KW inverter at a grand event in India. This launch comes at a momentous occasion with Solis achieving an impressive cumulative shipment milestone of 4GW to the Indian market. The newly unveiled 350KW inverter is designed to cater to the expansive needs of the utility solar market, offering substantial power and profitability enhancements for stakeholders. This product promises to elevate the operational standards in the utility sector, backed by Solis' reputation for delivering high efficiency and reliable solutions. With this offering,

Solis expands its India portfolio to cover every solar segment comprehensively. Simultaneously, Solis celebrated seven years of successful operations in India, a journey marked by sustained growth and technological leadership in the photovoltaic industry. During this period, Solis has firmly established itself as the top rooftop inverter brand in India for four consecutive years, underscoring its commitment to quality and customer trust. The event in Bengaluru, attended by around 150 Solis customers, featured celebratory activities such as cake cutting and live band performances, bringing together the community and multiple partnerships Solis has cultivated over the years in the country. In essence, the meet was a celebration of not just the success Solis has had in India, but the impact, and many wonderful relationships it has nurtured in the country.

Highlighting the features of the 350KW inverter, it incorporates advanced technologies such as 12/16 MPPTs for optimal efficiency, IP66 and C5 Anti-Corrosion Level for enhanced safety, and smart capabilities including night SVG function and intelligent string monitoring. These innovations underscore Solis' dedication to advancing and designing solar technology that is tuned to its client needs and maximizing economic benefits. In addition to superior product offerings, for Solis, it was an opportunity to reaffirm its commitment to exemplary customer service through its three-step, nationwide fast- response after-sales support. This service framework is designed to ensure that every Solis client receives prompt, reliable, and hassle-free service.

As Solis continues to navigate forward, these achievements highlight the company’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of innovation, customer satisfaction, and
contributing to a sustainable future.

About Ginlong (Solis):

Established in 2005, Ginlong is the world's third-largest PV inverter manufacturer. Providing solar and energy storage solutions for residential, commercial, and utility- scale customers, Solis delivers value across the solar supply chain. The Solis brand employs innovative string technology, ensuring top-tier reliability validated through rigorous international certifications. By integrating a global supply chain with leading R&D and manufacturing capabilities, Ginlong tailors Solis inverters to regional markets, with local experts offering exceptional service and support. The company's proven bankability has earned support from leading financial institutions, ensuring robust, long-term returns on investment.


Collaborating with stakeholders, Solis remains committed to accelerating the world's journey towards a sustainable future. For more information, please visit Solis – Global Manufacturer of Solar & Energy Storage Solutions.

Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network