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Gurugram to soon get 59 electric-vehicle charging points – EQ Mag Pro

Gurugram to soon get 59 electric-vehicle charging points – EQ Mag Pro


GURUGRAM: Tata Power, which is one of India’s leading electric-vehicle charging infrastructure providers, on Thursday signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Enviro – the facility management wing of the NCR-based real estate developer Vatika Group – to install 59 electric vehicle charging points at the developer’s properties across Gurugram.

According to officials of Tata Power, these chargers will be made available as public and semi-public charging stations based on the nature of the premises.

As a result, the commuters can have an easy access to the chargers, thus encouraging them to use the battery-powered vehicles.

It will be a boost for EV-based urban mobility in Delhi-NCR, which is often marred by the worsening of air quality, particularly during the winter season.

“Our collaboration with the Vatika Group to deploy electric vehicle charging stations in Gurugram is proof of our relentless support to green mobility. The millennial city will see EV adoption at a faster rate as a result of our partnership, and it will set an example for other cities to follow,” said Sandeep Bangia, Head – EV- Tata Power.

Officials from Enviro said that this network of public EV charging stations will provide innovative and seamless EV-charging experience to customers across offices, malls, hotels, retail outlets, and places of public access. It will also reduce the hesitancy and anxiety for the public in terms of the range of travel.

“The latest estimate shows a need for more than 4,00,000 EV charging stations in the country, by 2026. We at Enviro are equally excited about this collaboration with Tata Power, as this pre-empts the customer’s ever-growing curiosity regarding the EV. This would indeed increase the acceptability among the masses and push the case for EV as the new choice,” said Ajay Kumar Singh, president, and CEO, Enviro.

Source: TNN
Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network