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India Ranks 63rd in the Global Energy Transition Index – EQ

India Ranks 63rd in the Global Energy Transition Index – EQ


In Short : India ranks 63rd in the Global Energy Transition Index. The ranking reflects the nation’s ongoing efforts in energy system modernization and renewable energy expansion, while highlighting areas needing improvement to accelerate the shift towards sustainable energy.

In Detail : The World Economic Forum (WEF) just released the Global Energy Transition Index on June 19, 2024. It shows that the global energy transition scene has changed in big ways. After falling to 67th place, India moved up to 63rd place out of 120 countries, which is a big jump. Sweden stayed at the top of the Index, showing that it has been making steady progress in the energy field.

India’s Progress in Energy Transition

India was praised by the WEF for taking the initiative to promote sustainable energy sources, especially solar energy. The country’s progress in energy security, fairness, and long-term use shows that it is becoming an important player in global energy changes. Notably, 42% of India’s total energy production potential now comes from renewable sources, such as biomass. Other countries are following the lead of the United States by investing in green hydrogen and making more electric vehicles.

What is the Global Energy Transition Index?

The Index, which was made by the WEF and Accenture working together, is a way to compare how ready and how well countries are doing at switching to safe, long-lasting, and fair energy systems. A lot of things are looked at, like government regulations, energy security, sustainability efforts, and lowering carbon emissions. The goal of the Index is to keep track of how far the world has come in using less fossil fuels and making energy use more efficient.

Global Performance

In 2024, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Switzerland, and France lead the better rankings. This is because they have strong energy policies and are committed to being environmentally friendly. With rankings of 20th and 63rd, China and India stand out among non-European countries. The study stresses that most of the countries that were looked at have made progress in their energy transition plans, even though they have faced economic and geopolitical problems.

Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network