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India Solar Awards 2020-21: Sungrow India Wins 3 Solar Inverter Awards

India Solar Awards 2020-21: Sungrow India Wins 3 Solar Inverter Awards


EQ organized India Solar Awards 2020-21 on May 26 through virtual mode. The award show was conducted for the Indian solar industry.

Sungrow India Pvt Ltd three solar awards- Best Service Network Solar inverter Company of the Year 2020-21, Best Selling Central Inverter of the Year and Most Innovative Solar inverter of the Year 2020-21.

Powered by EQ iSearch, the awards were based on the achievements of the year 2020-21.

Prateek Sharma, Business Leader, Sungrow India accepted the award and expressed his gratitude to EQ for the recognition. He also thanked the customers of the company for their support. He shared a presentation on the company’s contribution to society and industry.

“We are the first company to become 100 per cent bankable inverter brand in the industry, which shows the strength of the company in terms of financials. We have been there for many years and will be there to serve the country.

We have generated revenue with a growth of 42.6 per cent in 2020. In terms of shipment, we have hit the milestone of 35 GW in the single year, 2020, which is a record in itself.”

Worldwide, the company has a 90 GW Global Production Capacity, out of which 10 GW is from India, which is facing delay due to COVID 19 situation. Till date, Sungrow India has crossed the shipment of more than 10,200 MW of capacity.

The total number of inverters in India has exceeded over 25,000. The company has its presence in more than 25 states with more than 150 local team members.

Prateek Sharma said, “In terms of the factory, it has been a milestone for us that we have been able to convert previous 3 GW inverter factory to 10 GW inverter factory. We are the first one to deliver this much capacity from the Indian factory. We will continue to contribute to the industry to make society green.”

Till now, the company has shipped a total of 8,000 MW from the Indian factory. More than 28,000 inverters have been manufactured from this factory.

Made in India inverters for local and global markets are available in more than 30 models. The company is providing local employment in India. Currently, the job creation is more than 150, which will continue as per the industry’s growth.

Sungrow India has the largest service network and service team in this industry in the inverter segment. Globally, the company have already installed more than 175 GW of capacity.

Prateek Sharma said, “We are amongst the top 100 companies who have pledged to become 100 per cent renewable. We will be switching our electricity consumption to 100 per cent renewable by 2028.”

Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network