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INS Sarvekshak goes green

INS Sarvekshak goes green


INS Sarvekshak, the survey vessel of Indian Navy has gone green by installing a solar power system on board. According to the Navy, the system is 100 per cent reliable for power source and can be used for a variety of functions including charging of batteries, for communication equipment and for general all day onboard lightings with battery outputs during night.

Key Facts

• The system will be maintenance free, unlike the regular diesel generator that requires regular maintenance.
• With the installation of the 5 KW solar power system, the estimated proñt generated in a ship
service life of 25 years is around Rs 2.7 Cr in this project alone.
• Even if the system is used for just 25 days in a year, the system can replay the cost in less than
ten years.
• The system’s installation also helps avoid the use of around 165 kg of carbon in a day, 60225 kg
of carbon in a year and the use of 22995 litres of diesel.
• In total in 25 years, the system will help save around Rs 15 lakh kg of carbon and 5.75 lakh litres
of diesel.

According to a Navy spokesperson, the use of solar power in marine environment is a great challenge and it has never been attempted before on any warship of India. He also noted that in the wake of climate change, the world is looking for clean, sustainable and renewable sources of energy in order to protect and reduce the harm caused to the environment and this new mechanism aims to encourage the same.

Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network


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