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Jolywood Sends Letter to United States International Trade Commission

Jolywood Sends Letter to United States International Trade Commission


Jolywood (Taizhou) Solar Technology Co. Ltd. recently submitted a letter to the United States International Trade Commision (USITC) in response to US-based solar manufacturer Suniva’s request for the USITC to launch an investgation into the protection measures of global crystalline silicon photovoltaic products for import to the United States. Jolywood’s letter states the implications of USITC agreeing to Suniva’s request on the US photovoltaic market. Full text is as follows:

Distinguished members of the United States International Trade Commission,

We are a listed Chinese corporation that specialized in manufacturing N-Type bifacial cells and modules. When your president, Mr. Trump, took office and proposed to build the Mexican border wall, our staff was discussing how interesting it would be if our bifacial glass-glass modules could be used to build the wall. Although that was a joke, it showed that the trade between the two countries has become more frequent and the people of both countries have confidence in the positive aspects of the trade.

We respect that the United States is a great country, and recognize your values of democracy, freedom, legal system and human rights. One of your presidents said in his inaugural speech, “On this day, we gather because we have chosen hope over fear, unity of purpose over conflict and discord. On this day, we come to proclaim an end to the petty grievances and false promises, the recriminations, and worn-out dogmas.” We aim for the same and wish for a close and long-term cooperation with your country. Unfortunately, one recent event concerns us.

On April 27, 2017, Suniva, a solar corporation from the United States that just declared bankruptcy protection in accordance with Section 201 of the Trade Act of the United States, requested the USITC to launch an investigation as protection measures to global crystalline silicon photovoltaic products for import to US (including cells, modules and intermediates used for module production). Also, it requested implementation of trade remedies and setting of minimum import prices for all photovoltaic products made outside of the United States. It requested that the price of a module for the first year be $0.78 per watt and the price of a cell be $0.4 per watt. It is not hard to see Suniva’s claim for Section 201 totally disregards the interests of your country and runs counter to the “freedom and democracy” that your country has been advocating. Jolywood, as a responsible corporation, would like to elaborate on the impacts of Suniva’s action from the following perspectives in an objective manner.

For the time being, the domestic photovoltaic production in the United States is far from being able to meet domestic market demands. If the United States takes protective measures against photovoltaic products from around the world, it will directly injure the healthy development of upstream and downstream value chain in the United States. The rapid decline in the market will bring traumatic shocks to local people and their families, and the unemployment rate will rise accordingly. It is roughly estimated that the number of people directly affected by the bill will exceed 260,000 once the bill is passed. Moreover, the American people will have reason to doubt whether America can be great again.

The fact that a corporation went bankrupt due to improper management but still applied for trade remedy is essentially an abuse of the law. If your country agrees to such a request and carries on an investigation, more other corporations will follow suit in the future, causing more corporations to stagnate and make no attempt for progress. The American people will have reason to doubt whether America can be a global leader. Additionally, it will be an action against the trend of the free flow of production elements and will bring negative impact to international trade in other countries, and products containing high technology with high-cost performance will not be treated fairly. If free trade cannot be achieved, how could people believe that “America is a free nation”?

We call for your Commission to seriously review the case brought by Suniva based on Section 201. We also expect USITC to urge the concerned corporation — Suniva — to adopt the right approach to handle bankruptcy and adopt relevant rational measures.

Jolywood (TaiZhou) Solar Technology Co.,Ltd

Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network


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