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Jolywood — Step Into Intelligent Production of PV Cell and Module – EQ

Jolywood — Step Into Intelligent Production of PV Cell and Module – EQ


With the rapidly development of artificial intelligence, PV production is on an important moments which transfer from traditional production to intelligence innovation. In recent years, Jolywood has taken the lead in laying out the R&D and production capacity planning of N-type TOPCon cell and module, operated the cell intelligent factory in Jiangyan District, Taizhou City, China.

Jolywood is the first manufacture within the industry to achieve mass production of N-type TOPCon cell , and explore the application of intelligence, automation and IT. In addition, Jolywood also put efforts on developing intelligent change and digital transformation for future new product introduction.

Jolywood factory combines AI with fully automated production equipment, and integrates advanced 5G fully intelligent AGV material, product transmission system and full digital information MES management system. The factory uses digital equipment to achieve the intelligence, and interconnects machines through the accurate inspection of production processes, such as manufacturing, safety management, environmental monitoring to production data recording. It builds an example for the rapid development from “manufacturing” to “intelligent” in the manufacturing field of PV industry, and launch high-end technology.

Nowadays,energy transition has become a popular trend in the world. As a renewable and clean energy source, the demand for PV energy is growing rapidly. Jolywood is putting efforts on: achieving safe manufacturing environment and manufacturing process control, ensuring the stability of the production process, and producing high quality PV products.

Jolywood production line adopts self-developed J-TOPCon 2.0 technology, based on no winding, in-situ doping and other technologies, which makes the cell efficiency continuously increase.The highest efficiency of mass production can reach 24.8%. While Jolywood focus on production capacity and technology, it also works the stability of the production process.

Jolywood is redefining the concept of production, R&D and management, paying attention to customer experience, management and technological innovation, promoting the application of intelligent factory and digital workshop. The purpose is todeliver high quality products to customers, reduce the cost of product management and show the technology strength of Jolywood.

Jolywood will continue to optimize the manufacturing process and production technology, strengthen innovation, enhance industrial leadership, create high quality, high efficiency products and high standard requirements, and bringgreat value to customers; Morover, Jolywood is on the way to build an intelligent production innovation ecology at multiple levels, and empower intelligence and value for PV industry.

Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network