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KSTAR and GS Global sign agreement for supply of high-efficiency inverters – EQ Mag Pro

KSTAR and GS Global sign agreement for supply of high-efficiency inverters – EQ Mag Pro


KSTAR joins hands with GS Global recently. Xiaodong Lim, head of KSTAR Korea Office, has announced that it has signed a 150MW supply contract with GS Global and will start supplying KSTAR’s high-quality photovoltaic inverters.

“GS Global, with its diversified business and customer management experience, choose us to provide reliable products to domestic customers in Korea, and signed a 150MW contract. We will provide high-quality products as the return of our customers’ trust.” Said Liang Xu, sales director of KSTAR.

GS Global is striving to become the “No. 1 Solution Provider in Value” in various business fields such as steel, coal/biomass, petroleum/chemical products, machinery/materials, imported automobile logistics, import and export, and trilateral trade of solar equipment. In addition to the import and export business of photovoltaic equipment (modules/inverters/structures), it also conducts REC trading business through participation in domestic and foreign projects and cooperation with GS group company (RPS operators).

Currently, many inverter manufacturers in Korea and abroad are supplying various products to the domestic solar market in Korea. However, it is estimated that GS Global signed a supply contract with KSTAR because of the positive influence of KSTAR’s products diversified design and deployment experience in the domestic solar market in Korea.

“This is the largest contract since KSTAR entered the Korea market. We will gradually improve customer service and take this opportunity to maximize customer satisfaction.” Said Liang Xu, sales director of KSTAR.

KSTAR is a global inverter company with R&D and manufacturing capabilities ranging from small-capacity solar inverters to large-capacity central inverters. To ensure stable product quality, the main components are produced in Europe and the United States.

There are two kinds of 110kW products (Fuse 20A & 30A) available In the Korea market. A 60kW fuse-type junction box all-in-one product is planned to be launched in the first half of this year. In addition, 300kW-class DC 1500V string inverters will be launched, which will bring more choice for consumers in the second half of the year.

With the mature experience in the Korea market over the past few years, KSTAR has got a large amount of reliable data related to the domestic energy market in Korea through designs of inverters tailored to the diverse technical requirements of customers. In the global PV market, the cumulative installed capacity of inverters has reached 36GW, and its technical strength is being recognized.

The junction box of KSTAR integrates the string inverter KSG-110CL-C3. This product is perfectly compatible with high-output bifacial modules, with a maximum allowable current of 19.9A per string, which supports the minimization of power generation losses.

“The driving force behind our ongoing success in global markets is based on a combination of excellence in R&D and manufacturing and our customers’ trust and support.” Said Liang Xu, sales director of KSTAR.

Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network