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KSTAR has provided more than 800MW PV turnkey solution in Russia

KSTAR has provided more than 800MW PV turnkey solution in Russia


More than 800MW PV projects with KSTAR turnkey solution has been operated successfully in Russia.  The power projects aim to reduce carbon emissions and secure stable energy supply in a cost effective manner for the customer.  KSTAR is very  proud to  launch its central inverters in Russia as the earliest supplier from China.

The 800 MW PV Projects with KSTAR smart turnkey solution has been described as “One of the most influential win-win international trade between China and Russia. ” by the local energy expert at a famous new energy organization of Russia.  KSTAR advanced energy technologies help to support national strategic objectives such as creating new jobs and the diversification of economic resources. Moreover, those solar projects have produced cleaner and more cost-effective energy for the local people, greatly reducing electricity cost.

As we know, renewable energy in Russia mainly consists of hydroelectric energy. The country is the sixth largest producer of renewable energy in the world. However, solar still needs to be developed and utilized when there is renewable energy projects, especially solar power plant can combine hydroelectric energy.

KSTAR has provided its own smart turnkey solution with innovation technology for those power plants. As the long-term inverter supplier in Russia, KSTAR’s central inverter incorporates a Max. DC/AC ratio up to 1.5, night SVG function, modular design for easy maintenance, and full power output under 50℃,which can work in the most extreme environment.  Since 2016, KSTAR  began exploring solar market and has played a key role in Russia. The 800MW projects has been divided into several phases and has been completed and operated successfully.

“As one of the fastest growing manufacturers of solar inverters,  KSTAR has built offices in Russia, Netherlands, Turkey and other countries to support the new energy in Europe.” Said Mr.Ye, Vice-President of KSTAR.  “KSTAR smart solar inverter is designed to produce energy while simultaneously generating profits through the maximizing use of the local resources. Its technical reliability and affordability will promote further global deployment of different renewable energy applications.”

Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network