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Lapp and BELECTRIC OPV Strategic Partnership

Lapp and BELECTRIC OPV Strategic Partnership


The Lapp Group, leading manufacturer of connectivity solutions, and Belectric OPV, the market leader in organic photovoltaics (OPV), have signed an agreement for a close partnership closed – Georg Stawowy, Chief Technology and Innovation Lapp Holding AG, and Dr. Ralph Paetzold, CEO of Belectric OPV signed at the production site of Belectric OPV in Kitzingen a contract. The two companies plan to develop new technologies for connecting and wiring flexible organic photovoltaic modules. The aim is a solution that is more versatile than before and suitable for any film materials. In addition, the so-called module connection points ( “MAP”) to the contact point between the film and cable – are even more compact. This is important in order to discreetly integrate the film modules in building facades, where they gain clean energy from the sun – designers and architects should have great leeway as possible. “The development is already underway and should be completed in 2017 with a production-ready product,” says Reinhard Probst, Market Manager Solar Lapp Group.

Long-standing partnership
For Lapp and Belectric OPV cooperation is not new , but the continuation of a long-term partnership . Lapp has developed Belectric OPV a connection point, which came in the solar modules for the German Pavilion at the Expo 2015 in Milan used. Like giant ferns solar sculptures stretched there in the sky , the power is supplied via almost invisible connection points in the cable that looked like fine twigs on ” Browse ” .

More flexible procedures planned The system developed by Lapp process was a major advance for the use of organic photovoltaics . The connection points in the Milan pavilion are very compact and completely waterproof . These properties will also have the new solution , but they will be much more flexible , as far as the choice of material and the thickness of the substrate films . The connection point should also be independent of the production site of the modules applied , which means high flexibility in production.

Technology is patented
Exactly how this would work, keep the Partners for the time being a secret until the patent procedure has been initiated. Both companies provide for a fixed period of exclusive rights to this technology. During this time Belectric OPV will reflect the connection points at Lapp, Lapp will only deliver Belectric OPV. “We’ve known for a long time and have another great confidence, and we believe in the Lapp Group, that the technology of the future organic photovoltaic has enormous potential,” says Georg Stawowy. “The strategic partnership was therefore the logical next step.”

“Through this strategic cooperation with Lapp we consistently go on our way to industrialize organic photovoltaics, further” adds Ralph Paetzold. “OPV is not with conventional PV technologies, which are defined mainly on the modular concept, comparable. Therefore, and to the uniqueness of OPV to tap fully for the customer, we always have the final overall system in focus, which includes the electrical system components. We want to develop together with Lapp as a strong partner. “

Other projects planned
The Lapp Group and Belectric OPV already planning further projects in order to use the new method. One idea is to make better use of existing space. “The new system technology, we can provide the architects a connection system available that can be visually integrated into the overall picture and thus further emphasizes the advantage of an aesthetically valuable OPV integration” commented Hermann Issa, Director Business Development at BELECTRIC OPV. In addition to building integration also faces can be developed, which were previously not in focus – which could not be used for static reasons, for example, roofs. “This system is of course much easier and may take the form and partly color of the building or the surrounding area can be easily adjusted,” says Reinhard Probst.

Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network


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