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Large repeat order for 2nd Generation InPassion ALD

Large repeat order for 2nd Generation InPassion ALD


In early 2016 the 2nd Generation InPassion ALD tool was introduced by SoLayTec and one of our main Asian customers installed this type of tool in their high efficiency production facility. After testing it in mass production for several months, the stability and quality of the machine was proven. For their next expansion plan, this customer ordered another three 2nd Generation InPassion ALD tools from SoLayTec.

Proven 2nd Generation InPassion ALD
“At the start of introducing the InPassion ALD for mass production in 2013, some SoLayTec customers experienced a lower than expected uptime, resulting in a delay of the market acceptance. Although the deposition quality of the Al2O3 layer is very good. Hence the need for an improved design, which was completed by the SoLayTec team in 2015 and introduced this machine in the beginning of 2016 to the PV industry. This industry-advancing tool can handle a larger variety of wafer quality, uses improved motion algorithms, and includes a slightly different hardware design”, said Roger Görtzen, co-founder of SoLayTec and sales and marketing director.

“The testing of this tool within customers’ production lines has shown a major improvement in the reliability by providing less breakage, higher uptime, and less assists per hour”, said Roger Görtzen.“Recently a major Asian customer tested our 2nd Generation InPassion ALD in mass production and due to its results has ordered another 3 tool sets. This clearly proves that the introduction of our 2nd Generation InPassion ALD is successful with plan goals for its performance now achieved”, said Roger Görtzen.

Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network


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