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LG certifies SCHMID as outstanding partner

LG certifies SCHMID as outstanding partner


On July 20th Korea-based high end PV manufacturer LG awarded the SCHMID Group with a certificate of appreciation for their production equipment technology. SCHMID’s wet-chemical edge isolation, APCVD coating and Multi Busbar module technology were selected by LG to produce the new premium LG NeON™ 2 solar module that achieves 320 W output with 60 cells.

In the last two years LG and SCHMID developed the technology in a joint development effort. SCHMID’s team in Korea provided first-class service and expertise which enabled a short development cycle to integrate the new processes in LG’s production facility. The cell production process based on SCHMID’s wet chemical edge isolation and an APCVD passivation layer yields higher solar cell efficiencies. Furthermore, SCHMID’s Multi Busbar interconnection process results in modules with lower electrical losses and higher currents. The same set of process equipment was used to produce LG’s bifacial solar module for which the company received the 2016 Intersolar Award.

LG awarded the certificate of appreciation for the first time. The certificate honors outstanding suppliers that have had a significant contribution to LG’s newest cell and module technology and supported LG in their continuous drive for quality improvement.

Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network


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