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Minister Rabbah: Dakhla is an International Hub for Energy Investments

Minister Rabbah: Dakhla is an International Hub for Energy Investments


Rabat : In a statement to local news outlet, minister of energy Aziz Rabbah stated Morocco is heavily investing in the field of renewable energies in the southern provinces.

Rabbah said Morocco’s investment in renewable energies is a “historic opportunity” to advance the country’s economic standing. The constantly growing field will “diversify the country’s economy” and position the North African country as a self-sufficient producer of energy.

The minister added the country’s southern provinces are rich with natural resources and have the potential to attract big projects from national public and private sectors in addition to foreign investments. The southern provinces, especially the city of Dakhla, are experiencing a “big revolution,” added Rabbah. The new, in-progress project aims to connect Dakhla to an electrical network. It is set to cost MAD 2.5 billion ($ 2.79 million).

The region will also become a center for scientific research in the fields of renewable energies, sustainable transport, and sustainable housing, the Moroccan minister explained.

Dakhla will become a strategic and international hub and an essential axis for the African continent added Rabbah. The city will witness investments in air transport, maritime transport through the Dakhla Atlantic Port, in addition to the fields of agriculture, solar energy, and maritime energy.

Rabbah’s statements echo Morocco’s plans to boost development projects in its southern provinces. On November 7, King Mohammed VI announced during his 2020 Green March anniversary speech a number of development projects in southern Morocco.

The region’s development will go hand in hand with projects in the fields of renewable energy.

Morocco has been increasingly investing in the field of renewable energy throughout the last decade. Minister Aziz Rabbah said the country’s investments in renewable energy has exceeded MAD 52 billion ($5.65 billion) over the past 10 years. The minister vowed that the North African country will inject another MAD 52 billion ($5.65 billion) into the sector.

Morocco’s Economic, Social, and Environmental Council (CESE) forecasts that Morocco has the potential to produce 96% of its electricity using renewable energy sources by 2050.

Source : moroccoworldnews
Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network