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Morocco embarks into energy investment program worth $19bn

Morocco embarks into energy investment program worth $19bn


According to a recent report, Morocco has recently embarked on an energy investment program by 2020 for a few years. The project is reportedly estimated at USD 18.95 billion.

The report from the Kingdom predicted that the share of installed electrical power in renewable energy (wind, solar, and hydraulic) would be 42 percent of the system by 2020, before rising to 52 percent in 2030. This will make it the African leader in the field.

The prospects for development of the renewable energy sector in Morocco are very favorable. The country has indeed a wind potential estimated at 25,000 megawatt, of which nearly 6,000 megawatt can be realized by 2030; a solar potential illustrated by 3,000 hours of sunshine per year and 5 KWh/square km/day of irradiation; a significant hydraulic potential for hydraulic micro-power stations; more than 200 exploitable sites; significant biomass potential, highly developed transit energy infrastructures and an attractive legal and institutional framework making it possible to accelerate the implementation of renewable energy development projects.

Morocco’s entire electricity production policy has been redesigned to be worked under the watchful eye of King Mohammed VI himself. The private sector is now heavily involved in the country’s electricity production.

Today, the installed powers of renewable energy are 700 MW for solar energy distributed among five power plants, 1,012 MW for wind power distributed among ten wind farms in operation, and 1,770 MW for hydroelectricity distributed between 29 dams and STEP (pumped energy transfer stations).

The year 2019 also saw the launch of three projects: The repowering of Koudia Al Baida, whose capacity will increase from 50 to 120 MW. Its inauguration is scheduled for 2020; the Taza wind energy project (90 MW) and the Midelt wind energy project (180 MW).

Source: devdiscourse
Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network


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