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mPrest Enters European Utility Market and Showcases Smart Energy Technology at CIGRE Paris 2018

mPrest Enters European Utility Market and Showcases Smart Energy Technology at CIGRE Paris 2018


mPrest Brings Mission-Critical IoE Technology to European Utility Market for Smarter, Greener Energy

TEL AVIV, Israel: mPrest, the mission-critical monitoring, control and big data analytics software leader for the industrial IoT market, announced today the expansion of their global footprint into the European utility market. mPrest will kick off their European expansion at the 2018 CIGRE Paris Conference, Booth #350 at August 27-31.

At CIGRE, mPrest will be showcasing their production proven, Grid Modernization System of Systems applications and demonstrate their latest smart energy software products including the Distributed Energy Resource Management System (mDERMS), Asset Health Management, URD Cable Fleet Maintenance Optimization, and Critical Event Management.

“The European utility market is a forward-thinking, fast-growing market with savvy consumers who demand smarter, greener energy,” said Ron Halpern, Chief Commercial Officer at mPrest. “Europe has always been quick to adopt alternative energy resources and integrate advanced technologies to future-proof the utility industry, and mPrest is looking forward to playing a part in the European market’s transformation, as we already are in other global markets. Our production proven System of System and Grid Modernization applications, many of which we will be showcasing at CIGRE Paris, are the next generation of IoE (internet of energy) applications for utilities.”

mPrest will be showcasing their revolutionary IIoT solutions at CIGRE, including:

  • mDERMS, for distributed energy management, revolutionizes the way distribution power utilities manage their evolving power grids.
  • Volt/VAr Control – As renewable DERs become more widely deployed, this creates stability and reliability issues for the distribution system operators. mPrest will be demonstrating its voltage management capabilities which complement our DER energy management product.
  • Asset Health Management, provides real-time monitoring, analytics, and accurate predictive maintenance for critical assets.
  • URD Cable Fleet Maintenance Optimization, reduces costs and improves the URD cables fleet reliability using big data analytics and AI-driven algorithms.
  • Major Event Management, enables utilities to be better prepared for natural disasters, create optimal de-energization and restoration plans, and manage the events in real time to accelerate recovery times and reduce costs.

The global utility industry is facing increasing challenges as consumers and consumer products become more connected and more dependent on IoT technology. Beyond the challenges of integrating new technology into existing infrastructure, utilities must also adapt to seamlessly integrate renewable energy sources – such as wind and solar energy – into existing grids. mPrest provides utilities with a “system of systems” to combine, analyze and even monetize all of these moving parts.

Launching operations in the European market, mPrest will be focusing on developing strategic partnerships with key partners and utilities, and implementing the vision of assisting utilities to achieve innovative business models while supporting renewable energy and demand response initiatives.

About mPrest:

mPrest is a global provider of mission-critical monitoring, control and big data analytics software. Leveraging the power of the Industrial IoT, mPrest’s integrative “system of systems” is a proven catalyst for digital business transformation. Our innovative management solutions have been deployed in next-gen applications for carrier service providers, system integrators, smart cities as well as IoE (Internet of Energy) applications for power utilities, defense and HLS. For more information on mPrest, visit http://www.mprest.com.

Source: mPrest
Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network


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