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Mumbai mosque gets solar panels

Mumbai mosque gets solar panels


One of the city’s grandest mosques, Bhendi Bazaar’s Minara Masjid has gone ‘greener’, as it installed solar panels to do its bit for the environment, and also save some money on electric bills.

“The idea is to ensure that we protect the environment and also save some money for the running of the trust,” said Abdulwahab Latif, Managing Trustee, Minara Masjid. The over 150-year-old mosque can accommodate around 5,000, and has changed over 800 bulbs over a period of time.

“With this move, 70 per cent of our energy needs will be met,” said Imran Latif, spokesperson of the Masjid.

“The panels have a 15kw capacity during peak hour. After three months, we will know how much we can gain from it. Since there are a lot of functions, consumption fluctuates,” said Abdulwahab.

The trustees expect to recover Rs 15 lakh spent on installing it in three to four years as they would be saving electricity bill to the tune of Rs 3 lakhs every year.

Minara Masjid would be second such mosque to have taken a “green” move. While it was being developed almost eight years ago, the Dawoodi Bohra community mosque at Tambawala compound promised to be city’s first ecofriendly mosque with rain water harvesting (DNA Nov 21, 2008 edition). Its outer wall with reflective colours and the inner wall with a gypsum plaster coating was to help keep temperature cool and gap between outer and inner walls was to direct the hot air to the terrace.

Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network


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