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New Financing Options Available with SolarEdge

New Financing Options Available with SolarEdge


Spruce FinanceTM, a company that provides homeowners with financing for residential solar systems, has approved SolarEdge Revenue Grade Inverters, including the new HD-Wave, as well as the 5-year and 12-year Cellular kits as metering solutions. Now, Spruce customers can install one single piece of hardware that includes the integrated meter and plug-in cellular card, without the need for a third-party, external meter. SolarEdge’s module-level monitoring is configured and connected to the platform via the cellular connection, enabling installers to complete the system configuration without the need to enter the customer’s home. With SolarEdge, Spruce installers can save time and lower installation costs, and remove internet connectivity as a future maintenance issue.

Please contact your local SolarEdge or Spruce representative for details.FREE Webinar: SolarEdge & Spruce Expand Partnership
Learn how Spruce and SolarEdge have partnered to help you profitably grow your business and earn $1000! We’re teaming up to offer access to finance products and sales technologies that will provide you with ways to effectively grow your business and increase cash flow. To learn more about this comprehensive offering and eligibility to earn $1,000, sign up for a FREE webinar on Feb 10*. *Offering payable by Spruce. Please contact Spruce for details regarding this promotion

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