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Odisha Net Metering Order and Regulation

Odisha Net Metering Order and Regulation


The Government of Odisha has been earnestly exploring different sources of clean energy to meet its increasing energy requirements, diversify sources of energy, and address potential climate change issues. The state of Odisha has fairly good potential for solar power generation with 280-300 days of sunshine in a year and Global Horizontal Irradiance of about 4.5-5.0 kWh/m2/day. Setting up of large solar power projects require huge land space whereas availability of land is a major constraint in major cities of Odisha. The prevailing scenario of declining trend in solar tariff and increasing retail tariff across consumer categories like residential, commercial and industrial consumers would encourage consumers to install roof top solar systems. Therefore, roof top solar is set to witness appreciable scaling of capacities in Odisha in years to come.

The Commission is mandated to promote Co-generation and Generation of electricity from Renewable Sources of Energy by providing suitable measures for connectivity with the Grid and sale of electricity to any person under Section 86 (e) of the Electricity Act, 2003. Keeping this in view, the Commission have decided to issue this order on Net-metering/ Bi-directional metering for roof top solar generation project including its LT connectivity for Government/ PSU owned buildings only.more informationOERC Net Metering order Ammendment dated 18.05.2015

OERC Net Metering Order dated 26.11.2014_

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