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“Open Roads to a Smart PV World— Huawei dominated the SNEC Exhibition” Open Hangout

“Open Roads to a Smart PV World— Huawei dominated the SNEC Exhibition” Open Hangout


On May 24, SNEC 10th (2016) International Photovoltaic Power Generation Conference & Exhibition was opened in Shanghai. Huawei, the global smart PV leader, showed in the exhibition with the industry-leading smart PV solution 3.0 and cutting-edge products and technologies such as intelligent PV string diagnosis, which were highly praised by global customers of the industry thanks to the higher energy yield, lower initial investment, more efficient O&M, and simpler and more wonderful experience.

Smart PV solution 3.0, improving the energy yield by more 3% and O&M efficiency by more than 50%

On the exhibition, Huawei presented the industry the latest smart PV controller SUN2000-50KTL, smart PV wireless transmission system, power plant monitoring system, and FusionSolar intelligent O&M cloud center. Through multiple screens, scheduling of signals from multiple power plants, and access to the power plants in various scenarios, the showing brought the guests an experience of unique benefits that Huawei smart PV brought to power plants in the ground, mountainous, rooftop, solar-agricultural, and solar-fishery scenarios. The guests enjoyed a wonderful digital technology journey on the exhibition.

Guests were watching the real-time experience of intelligent O&M.
With the wider and wider application of distributed PV and PV+, solar-agricultural PV plants, solar-fishery PV plants, floating PV plants, and PV plants in coal mining subsidence area are admired. FusionSolar smart PV solution updates from component, to system, then to ecosystem and finally opens the era of smart PV 3.0. It perfectly meets the power plant construction requirements in various regions and scenarios and implements scenario integration. The solution ensures the security and reliability of power plants while increasing the energy yield by more than 3%, IRR by more than 3%, and O&M efficiency by more than 50%–70%.

Amazing black technology: intelligent PV string diagnosis
To improve the PV string management efficiency and plant evaluation comprehensiveness, Huawei and SPIC Huanghe Hydropower made a joint innovation in the Gonghe innovation base and took the lead in implementing the brand-new intelligent PV string diagnosis method. Huawei brought the black technology weapon, that is, the intelligent PV string diagnosis method, to the exhibition.This technology helps monitor each PV string online using an intelligent PV management system and a smart PV controller. The traditional inspection method requires much time and power. Assume that the sample inspection ratio is 0.1%, 40,000 RMB is required for one sample inspection of a 10 MW power plant. The traditional inspection method has two disadvantages: First, the plant evaluation is not comprehensive. Second, the inspector should take dedicated inspection equipment and remove PV strings, which makes a low inspection efficiency.

The smart PV controller can inspect each PV string online, requiring no professional and inspection equipment on the site. The remote inspection mode saves much time and improves the efficiency. The internal faults of PV strings can be accurately inspected by the intelligent PV string diagnosis method. The inspection precision reaches 0.5%, more than six times the industry level. The intelligent PV string diagnosis method can also be used to evaluate the power plant health and make early warnings for risks. This is good to problem discovery and preventive maintenance. The diagnosis accuracy and effect of this technology have been certified by TUV.

Open, co-operative, and win-win, constructing a smart PV ecosystem together
The real scene exhibition area of the smart PV ecosystem attracted many guests. The exhibition area showed the integration of tracing supports, PV modules, inverters, and transformers and built an entire smart PV ecosystem.

Real scene exhibition area of the smart PV ecosystem
Huawei is now teaming up with multiple industry-leading PV module, support, and box-type transformer enterprises and has launched 1000 V, 1100 V, and 1500 V smart PV products, making an effort to build competitive solutions. In addition, Huawei is collaborating with Shoals and Nextracker, respectively the largest BOS and tracing support manufacturer in the United States, to develop the latest entire smart PV solution. In the future, Huawei will work with excellent partners in the industry, integrate their own advantages in technologies and market resources, and promote the PV industry technology through the cooperation in various aspects such as technology innovation and product R&D.

Huawei and NESI are signing an agreement.

On the first day (May 24) of the exhibition first, Qingdao NESI and Huawei signed an agreement on comprehensive cooperation on a 1 GW PV plant. Similarly, CMN also announced on the same day that the 100 MW PV plant Datong top runner project in Shanxi that uses Huawei string inverters was successfully grid-tied. FusionSolar smart PV solution is widely used around the world, thanks to its value core of higher profit on the same investment and the customer benefits of higher energy yield and lower O&M costs. According to the latest report from GTM Research and IHS, Huawei was ranked first in the shipment. This is the first time that a Chinese PV inverter enterprise surpasses the PV giant SMA, refreshing the world’s list of top PV enterprises. Smart PV, is now leading the global trend.

Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network


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