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Opening of Technical Bids for Auction of Coal Mines Under Commercial Mining – EQ Mag

Opening of Technical Bids for Auction of Coal Mines Under Commercial Mining – EQ Mag


Highest Ever number of bids Received in Commercial Auction of Coal Blocks

Six Public Sector Companies Submit Bids

Peak Rate Capacity of 22 Fully Explored Coal Blocks comes to 85.62 Million Ton per Annum

The auction process of 141 coal/lignite mines for sale of coal was launched by the Nominated Authority, Ministry of Coal on November 03, 2022. The last date of submission of Technical Bid for all the coal was January 30, 2023. As part of the auction process, Technical Bids comprising of online and offline bid documents were opened here today (January 31, 2023) in the presence of the bidders.

The online bids were decrypted and opened electronically in the presence of the bidders. Subsequently, sealed envelopes containing offline bid documents were also opened in the presence of bidders. Entire process was displayed on screen for the bidders.

A total of 96 bids were received under two tranches of commercial coal mine auctions. This is the highest ever bids received since the launch of commercial coal mines’ auction launch by the Prime Minister in June 2020. This note-worthy interest from the bidders has showed that reform process initiated by the Ministry is very popular with the stakeholders.

Under sixth tranche of auctions, a total of 86 bids both online and offline were received against 32 coal mines and three bids were received only offline but not online, and two or more bids have been received for 25 coal mines i.e. 79 bids (both online and offline) against 25 coal mines and 7 coal mines have received single bids (both online and offline). Of these 32 coal mines, 10 coal mines are partially explored whereas 22 are fully explored. The cumulative PRC of the fully explored coal mines is 85.62 MTPA and 31 coal mines are non-coking coal mines whereas one is coking coal mine.

Under 2nd attempt of fifth tranche, a total of 8 coal mines were put up for auction and 10 bids have been received against four coal mines where two or more bids have been received for two coal mines and single bids have been received for two coal mines. All these four coal mines are fully explored coal mines and 2 coal mines are coking coal mines and 2 are non-coking coal mines. The PRC of these 4 coal mines is 4.34 MTPA.

It is also pertinent to note that a total of six public sector companies had submitted the bids in the ongoing round of commercial coal mines’ auction as well. Mine-wise list of bids received is appended below:

Sl No Name of Coal Mine Tranche No of Bids (Both Online and Offline)
1 Arjuni (Western Part) 6th Tranche 3
2 Arjuni East 6th Tranche 4
3 Baitarni West 6th Tranche 2
4-5 Banai Bhalumuda 6th Tranche 5
6 Binja 6th Tranche 3
7 Burakhap Small Patch 6th Tranche 3
8 Burapahar 6th Tranche 4
9 Chhendipada 6th Tranche 3
10 Dahegaon Gowari 6th Tranche 2
11 Gare Palma Sector I (East) 6th Tranche 3
12-13 Gare Palma Sector IV/2 and IV/3 6th Tranche 15
14 Gawa (Western Part) 6th Tranche 1
15 Gondbahera Ujheni 6th Tranche 3
16 Kalambi Kalmeshwar (Eastern Part) 6th Tranche 1
17 Kalambi Kalmeshwar (Western Part) 6th Tranche 2
18 Khagra Joydev 6th Tranche 2
19 Mandla North 6th Tranche 2
20 Marwatola VI 6th Tranche 3
21 Marwatola VII 6th Tranche 4
22 Namchik Namphuk 6th Tranche 6
23 North Dhadu (Eastern Part) 6th Tranche 1
24 North Dhadu (Western Part) 6th Tranche 1
25 North West of Madheri 6th Tranche 2
26 Panchbahani 6th Tranche 1
27 Parbatpur Central 6th Tranche 2
28 Patal East (Eastern Part) 6th Tranche 2
29 Purunga 6th Tranche 2
30 Riri Lignite 6th Tranche 1
31 Sakhigopal B Kankili 6th Tranche 2
32 Sattupalli Block III 6th Tranche 1
33 Choritand Tiliaya 2nd Attempt – 5th Tranche 1
34 Datima 2nd Attempt – 5th Tranche 5
35 Dongeri Tal II 2nd Attempt – 5th Tranche 3
36 Sitanala 2nd Attempt – 5th Tranche 1
  TOTAL   96

A total of 59 companies have submitted their bids (both online and offline) in the auction process as per the following list:

Sr. No Name of the Bidder No of Bids Submitted
Thriveni Earthmovers Pvt Ltd 1
Ganga Khanij Pvt Ltd 1
Ambuja Cements Limited 3
Rama Cement Industries Pvt Ltd 2
Shri Bajrang Power and Ispat Ltd. 1
Ultratech Cement Ltd 2
Shreesatya Mines Private Limited 2
NLC India Limited 2
Gujarat Mineral Development Corporation Limited 9
Jindal Power Limited 3
Raigarh Natural Resources Ltd 3
JSW Steel Limited 5
Dwivedi Consultancy Services Pvt Ltd 2
Rungta Metals Pvt Ltd 2
Assam Mineral Development Corporation Limited 6
JISL Irrigation Pvt Ltd 1
Bull Mining Pvt Ltd 2
Hirakund Natural Resources Ltd 2
NTPC Limited 1
Rungta Sons Private Limited 2
Jindal Steel and Power Limited 1
Gangaramchak Mining Private Limited 1
Jagannath Coporation Projects Pvt Ltd 1
Power Mech Projects Ltd 2
Siddhi Vinayak Power and Steel Pvt Ltd 1
Shyam Sel and Power Limited 2
MB Power (Madhya Pradesh) Limited 1
SG Air Travel Pvt Ltd 1
Sudha Bio Power Pvt Ltd 1
Kineta Global Limited 1
OPG Power Generation Pvt Ltd 1
Essar Constructions India Ltd 1
Bharat Aluminium Company Limited 1
Cavill Mining Private Limited 2
MP Natural Resources Pvt Ltd 1
Samlok Industries Pvt Ltd 1
Orissa Metallurgical Industry Pvt Ltd 1
MSP Mines and Minerals Limited 1
Winbuiild Metals Pvt Ltd 1
Dalmia Cement (Bharat) Limited 1
Mahavir Coal Resources Pvt Ltd 2
Inspire Construction and Coal Pvt Ltd 1
JSW Cement Limited 1
Platinum Alloys Private Limited 1
Arunachal Pradesh Power Corporation Pvt Ltd 1
Star Cement Limited 1
Coal Pulz Pvt Ltd 1
Prachi Infra and Roads Pvt Ltd 1
Damodar Valley Corporation 2
MH Natural Resources Private Limited 1
Vedanta Limited 1
RCR Steel Works Pvt Ltd 1
CG Natural Resources Pvt Ltd 1
Sri Avantika Contractors (I) Ltd 1
Krishery Private Limited 1
Shree Cement Limited 1
Duroplas (India) Pvt Ltd 1
Sauhard Properties Pvt Ltd 1
  Total Bids 96

The bids will be evaluated by a multi-disciplinary Technical Evaluation Committee and Technically Qualified Bidders would be shortlisted for participation in the electronic auction, to be conducted on MSTC portal.

Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network