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Over 100 power consumers turn into power suppliers

Over 100 power consumers turn into power suppliers


Domestic solar farming has brought a new lease of life to the consumers of the State. About 100 domestic and institutional connection holders in the State have become power suppliers following the policy brought forward by the Government and Jharkhand Renewable Energy Development Agency (JREDA).

The breakthrough has come since the policy officially notified by the Government this week only provides opportunity to lakhs of electricity consumers who can not only harness the cleanest form of renewable energy- solar power- but also supply the surplus amount to the grid as well.

“We were working on the policy for long and it is good that now it has been notified. So far there are over hundred power consumers who have come forward showing their interest in installing solar plates for commercial generation. Plants are being installed and some of them have even started feeding energy to the grid and earning,” JREDA Director Niranjan Kumar told The Pioneer.

Real game changer in making the policy a good starter was revision of rate on which the power is to be purchased through grid by the Jharkhand Bijli Vitaran Nigam Limited. “Earlier the rate was less than a rupee and there was not taker. Now has been revised with Rs 3.80 per unit. Also, the Government under its renewable energy promotion policy is providing 50 per cent subsidy on the cost coming up on installation of the unit at any household or commercial premise,” added the Director.

Inputs suggest that most of the consumers are domestic households while there is fair number of participations also from schools, colleges, hotels etc. JREDA has empanelled array of agencies which can be consulted by any individual for installation of solar based rooftop power plants along with net-metering facility.

“Many agencies are there. Every Kw capacity of solar power plant costs about Rs 54000 and after availing the subsidy it comes to half. Even if you consider per unit price Rs 6 the consumer is going to get full return in four-five years with the help of net-metering facility which calculates the power drawn by the consumer from the grid along with the amount inserted,” said a project engineer associated with the initiative. The policy ensures that the consumer gets the surplus money at the rate specified into the policy.

Nevertheless the JREDA admitted that more and more number of individual needs to come in to take advantage of the policy. “People are unaware of the advantages of the solar power generation and benefits attached with it. We are planning to promote it through aggressive advertisement campaign through the media and radio. We are sure that the number would go up very soon,” said Niranjan Kumar.

JREDA has empanelled agencies on ‘Aha Solar App’ where individuals can go and consult the vendors for installation of solar plates for harnessing energy. Earlier the agency had quite successfully rolled out the plan to install solar plants at all prominent Government premises across the State.

Source: dailypioneer
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