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Over 700 Mobile Solar Generators Go to Public Auction in Connection with DC Solar Bankruptcy

Over 700 Mobile Solar Generators Go to Public Auction in Connection with DC Solar Bankruptcy



LOS ANGELES: GA Global Partners, LLC today announced it will conduct a public auction of over 700 complete mobile solar generators (MSGs) manufactured by DC Solar. A timed auction will take place online on Monday, December 9, 2019 starting at 10:00am PST (1:00PM EST).

The court-ordered auction is being conducted in connection with the Chapter 7 bankruptcy filing of DC Solar, a Benicia, CA-based solar energy company which manufactured and leased renewable energy products.

“We’ve been contacted by numerous parties interested in DC Solar’s mobile solar generators and are pleased to announce this significant offering,” said Adam Alexander, CEO of GA Global Partners. “This is a unique opportunity for businesses and individuals who are looking for a portable and green power solution to acquire a complete mobile solar generator at a fraction of the cost.”

Designed to be mobile, silent and clean, these generators were built by DC Solar with the intention of supplying power to major sporting events and remote outdoor venues. Most units are fully assembled and ready to be used. The all-in-one mobile solar generators include ten solar panels, SMA inverters, a Kubota generator, two light towers and two 48v batteries, situated on a 17″ double axel Carson trailer. The units can be towed anywhere to produce AC and 12-volt DC power. These generators may also be used for disaster relief operations, movie and television productions, eco-conscious festivals and events, and off-grid power solutions. Certain models include single and dual ChargePoint EV charging stations to charge electric vehicles (EVs).

Advanced bidding is available online. Interested bidders must be pre-registered to participate. Units may be inspected on December 6, 2019 at various locations throughout California, Nevada, Arizona, and North Carolina.

For more information on the auction and to register online, visit www.gaauction.com.

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Source: GA Global Partners
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