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Palmetto launches 7th Sustainable Property Fund

Palmetto launches 7th Sustainable Property Fund


Palmetto continues its commitment to innovate and pioneer the clean energy industry with the launch of its 7th fund – its first US-Based Limited Partnership Fund. The fund is focused on the acquisition of residential properties and integrating clean technology into those properties in order to lessen their operational cost and environmental impact. The properties are subsequently leased for long-term, inflation-hedged income. Palmetto began this strategy in 2012 and has scaled it across multiple metropolitan markets. The Impactbase and Global Impact Investing Network (GINN) has endorsed Palmetto as one of the leading sustainable investment strategies.

Palmetto’s prior six funds have been European-based, which “tie back to Palmetto’s roots in London where the Company was founded in 2009”, according to CEO & Founder, Chris Kemper. In 2012, Palmetto relocated its headquarters to Charleston, South Carolina to reposition itself as a vertically integrated operator active at the cross-section of the property and clean technology industries. Palmetto now offers a wide range of products and services, which Palmetto markets, sells, finances, installs and maintains for homeowners and real estate companies – including its own property funds.

Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network


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