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Panaji 2025: Rs 541cr to create solar city – EQ

Panaji 2025: Rs 541cr to create solar city – EQ


Panaji Solar City 2025: The state government will spend Rs 541 crore to make Goa’s capital Panaji a 100% renewable energy city by 2025. At present, Panaji’s daily electricity demand is 128 MW.

The state government plans to make Panaji a solar city as part of the state’s plan to reduce carbon emissions to meet that need. A renewable energy dashboard has also been created to track project progress.

The initiative focuses on installing solar roof top devices in Panaji city. These include rooftop solar power plants and solar photovoltaic (PV) cell trees for power generation.

Panaji’s Solar City Master Plan plans to reduce conventional energy demand by 10 percent through energy-efficiency measures. Also the electricity generated by solar energy will be used for commercial and domestic energy use.

Times of India has reported about this. β€œAbout Rs 290 crore will be spent on implementation of renewable energy policies and Rs 251 crore on energy-efficiency policies,” the news release quoted an official as saying.

Currently 81 housing complexes in Panaji are being considered for this campaign. which will provide solar photovoltaic technology to make the city 100 percent dependent on renewable energy.”

The state government’s action plan includes development of 34.5 MW of solar rooftop power. Electrification of all passenger buses, development of off-grid charging stations for charging all electric vehicles will also be done. The large solar park is expected to generate around 74 MW of electricity.

The state government wants to become self-reliant in power generation through clean energy. The city is divided into different zones to map the roof area of ​​buildings.

Within each zone, buildings are classified as residential, commercial, industrial or government.

Source: PTI
Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network