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Pepsi Co or Coca Cola? The Race To Renewable

Pepsi Co or Coca Cola? The Race To Renewable


Pepsi, who owns Gatorade, Tropicana and a few other major brands, expects to reduce their greenhouse emissions by 20% in the near future.

Pepsi plans to expands it’s onsite generation from renewable energy, having recently installed solar panels at it’s global headquarters in New York.

With more solar installations already in place in their Frito-Lays facility in CA and AZ, as well as their Pepsi Co locations in CA; Pepsi plans to reach their 100% renewable energy goal through a) the development of new renewable energy projects to produce both solar power and wind power to directly power some locations and b) through the purchase of renewable energy credits; certifications that guarantee power used from the grid is being produced by 100% renewable energy sources.

In a recent statement, Pepsi says that it’s U.S. based renewable energy goals build upon their commitments elsewhere. It’s direct operations in Europe are already operating from 100% renewable energy and their Mexico Foods business is operating with 76% renewable energy.

Source : energyprofessionals
Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network