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  8. PlaySolar’s Range of Products Emphasize That it’s About Survival and not Sustainability
PlaySolar’s Range of Products Emphasize That it’s About Survival and not Sustainability

PlaySolar’s Range of Products Emphasize That it’s About Survival and not Sustainability


Human beings’ survival in the future depends upon their ability to move towards sustainability and renewable resources like solar, right now, and not sometime in the future
Global leaders, industries and conscious individuals recognize the need to adopt sustainable and renewable lifestyles to move to a future which can not only survive the damage the planet has faced, but also recover and sustain countless generations to come. Almost every conversation about the future focuses on the need for sustainability as a principle around which all innovative developments should evolve. But what most discussions fail to emphasize, is the dire need for these changes towards sustainability to happen now – right away – and not sometime in the future.
“It’s not about sustainability any more, it’s about survival,” says Mr. Mukundan ‘Mux’ Narasimhan, Managing Director and CEO, PlaySolar Systems Private Ltd which aims at bringing solar back to the forefront of India’s energy mix. “There is an urgency that’s required in moving to renewable resources as soon as possible which the word ‘sustainability’ is unable to convey to the community. It’s an over-utilized jargon in the industry,” he added.
Given the circumstances, a change in the way individuals procure and use energy, a basic requirement for all their daily activities, can readily instigate long-term gains and impact for the community.
“Technological innovation is driving the push for renewable energy adoption, but its impact will only come to the fore with both, small and large-scale implementation. These changes are urgent and imperative for us to gain an upper hand in the fight for our survival. You could say that we, as a community, are already far behind our schedule in keeping up with the need of the hour,” says Mux.
PlaySolar is actively driving clean energy adoption in various sectors with their easily implementable and economically feasible solutions for residential environments, commercial spaces and even the agricultural sector. PlaySolar utilizes the power of IoT to drive real-time data acquisition and analytics using its unique cloud-based asset monitoring system CloudSolTM which compliments equipment performance and improves the overall impact that the solutions have on the community. The last mile solution is managed completely on its mobile app, from feasibility study and project delivery, to complete asset monitoring and control.
Residential and commercial spaces implementing rooftop solar solutions are some of the most popular projects taken up by PlaySolar. “Our solutions are not only designed to be economically feasible and beneficial, but are also extremely customized based on the choice of application, site conditions, budget specifications and other usability criteria,” emphasizes Mux.
One of the recent domestic rooftop solutions taken up by the team was for Mr. Vijay Krishna, who approached PlaySolar to solarize his new home. Mr. Vijay Krishna, a resident of JP Nagar, Bengaluru, had constructed an eco-friendly home featuring a terracotta-based filler slab roof. The home’s rooftop solution needed the ability to withstand the heavy wind loads on a three-storey building, excellent grouting and also a connection to ground. The terracotta slabs prevented the use of conventional flat structures to mount the setup. To work with this scenario, PlaySolar devised a solution which made use of the stairway entrance area to mount a unique structure using cantilevered beams and columns to hold the solar modules. An additional stairway was installed to access the modules for maintenance.
PlaySolar has also been working with commercial players to implement economically beneficial solar solutions. “The options available in the industry for companies to set up solar powered solutions are immense. Solar has already reached grid parity, while average rates of utility are constantly rising in the industry. With accelerated asset depreciation, lower PPA rates, and improved interest shown by investors in financing projects, solar has now become a risk-free investment, with high returns,” adds Mux.
PDA Trade Fairs (PDATF), a division of Pradeep Deviah & Associates Pvt. Ltd., strives towards sustainability and wishes to be viewed as environmentally responsible organization by their clients. The team operates out of their three-storey office in Frazer Town, Bengaluru, and earlier, used the roof as a cafeteria, by installing a tarpaulin structure. PlaySolar saw an excellent opportunity and approached PDATF with a unique solution. The temporary tarpaulin structure gave way to a 15kWp solar rooftop plant on a raised platform and most importantly, the PDATF staff now enjoys their lunch in a permanent room. This plant generates enough power to support entire electricity consumption of the building.
Projects such as these highlights the fact that moving to solar-powered energy solutions is an option that most residential and commercial spaces can and should be utilizing on an urgent basis today. Solar solutions have now evolved into risk-free investments with high returns and the avenues for these solutions have greatly been broadened by lowered rates of installation and improved subsidies. It is imperative that residential and commercial spaces utilize these solutions, adopt renewable resources and implement changes in lifestyles that can accelerate the world’s growth towards a healthier, more ‘sustainable’ future.

Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network


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