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Power Electronics(Bengaluru)

Power Electronics(Bengaluru)


Job Description / Responsibilities:

  • Perform new product design and development activities with a high degree of independence and creativity.
  • Design and development of power electronics systems – with a focus on electronics and magnetics simulation and design.
  • Able to perform complete research and development in the area of new power architecture and circuits for efficient product design, capable of high level design approach including system level simulation.
  • Develop products from concept, through design, manufacturing and support them to end of life.
  • Design, Document, and Validate designs.
  • Write Engineering Requirements, Test Plans, Validation Reports.
  • Detailed circuit design, unit test plan, troubleshooting, and documentation. Component selection: evaluation of alternative components on a cost/performance basis.
  • Research new components and technologies. Design, development, and production of AC and DC power and frequency converters.
  • Analog and mixed signal design High speed digital design (including Microprocessors, DSPs, FPGAs, high speed memories and communication interfaces).
  • Compliance design expertise – Design for EMI/EMC PCB design to meet emission norms and DFx requirements.

Desired Candidate Profile:
MS or PHD in EE, Power Electronics or Motor Drives concentration. Must possess 3-10 years of experience in Design, Development and Testing of Power Electronics systems such as Inverters, DC-DC converters etc. She/he must have the ability to work equally well alone or with small team.

  • Experienced in designing converters and inverters & power circuits, Analog, Digital and mixed signal circuit design. Design experience with FETs, MOSFETs, SCRs, TRIACs, IGBTs, Bipolar Transistors, TVS, etc. Solid foundation in PCB layout, component placement and routing.
  • Experience in layout of power converters. Solid background in power supply topologies; Buck Boost, Flyback, Resonant, ZVS, Synchronous, Bridging, etc. Deep understanding of theory and application of magnetics to inductors and transformers to achieve maximum efficiency.
  • Able to model and simulate complex circuits. Experience merging analog and digital designs.
  • Experience with computer design/modeling/analysis tools such as SABER or SPICE is desirable. Signal processing; ADCs, DACs, Op-Amps, passive filters, voltage monitoring, current sensing, etc high frequency power conversion design experience with thorough knowledge of power topologies for PFC, DC-DC and motor simulation packages such as PSPICE, Mathcad and PSIM.
  • A strong background in the design of digitally controlled power machines using embedded microcontrollers and DSP technology is required.
  • Experience in Designing High Voltage/High Wattage Power supply design. Inverters and converter design experience (Power electronics involving IGBTs, Power MOSFETs, Thyristors and Power supply designs, Magnetics).
  • Deep knowledge of winding types and core materials for inductors and transformers.
  • Experience with Scopes, DVMs, Network Analyzers, and general electronics lab processes is required.
  • Familiarity with manufacturing processes and mid to high volume product development is required.

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Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network


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