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REC Market Trade Report -FEB 2016

REC Market Trade Report -FEB 2016


PXIL successfully conducted REC trading for the month of February 2016. The total cleared volume on the exchange was 4,02,629 RECs that led to PXIL having a Market Share of 59.49 %. In this month clearing ratio was 2.35 % due to increase in demand side participation from obligated entities to fulfill their RPO. During this trading session, the prices in the solar and non-solar categories have remained at the floor level.

Prior to today’s auction more than 1.76 Crore RECs were available in the market for trade; however the traded volume is low on account of non-fulfillment of RPO compliance by major utilities. We expect trading volume to increase in March session, as this would be last opportunity for all obligated entities to meet RPO target of the year.


A total of 2,74,108 RECs were traded in the REC Market session on 24th February, 2016 held at IEX. Out of this, 2,32,450 were N-Solar and 41,658 were Solar RECs.  In the non-solar segment, total buy bids were 2,32,450 and total sell bids were 59,81,626. All the buy bids were cleared at floor price of Rs 1,500 per REC.  In the solar segment, total buy bids were 41,658 RECs and sell bids were 19,43,383 RECs. All buy bids were cleared at floor price of Rs 3,500 per REC. With compliance year 2015-16 coming to an end, the traded volume this month witnessed an increase of about 34% over the previous month when a total of 2,05,192 RECs were traded. In fiscal 2015-16 (as on date), a total of 24.29 lac RECs have been traded, almost double of 12.29 lac RECs traded in the same period in fiscal 2014-15. Participants: A total of 1,342 participants traded at IEX with 844 participants in non-solar segment and 498 participants in the solar segment. On an overall basis, a total of 2,842 participants are registered in the REC segment at IEX. Of this, 822 are Eligible Entities (RE Generators), 2,008 are Obligated Entities (DISCOMs, Open Access Consumers & Captive Generators) and 12 are registered as Voluntary Entities.

Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network


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