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REC Trade Result – April 2020

REC Trade Result – April 2020



The April trade session saw the Non-solar clearing price maintaining a low profile at the floor price of INR 1,000 at both the exchange platforms. However, Solar Market Clearing Price (MCP) crashed to INR 2,000 on PXIL . This being the first month into the new financial year, the market showed a cold start to the REC trading due to the announcement of Draft Floor & forbearance prices by CERC.

Non-Solar: non-solar RECs traded at the price of INR 1,000/REC at IEX ( floor price) INR 1000/REC at PXIL (floor price). A total of 217,093 RECs were traded in this session.

Solar: The total number of solar RECs traded in this session was 20,842 at INR 2,400/REC at IEX (140% above the floor price) and 2,000 PXIL (100% above the floor price)

The overall trade volume (237,935 RECs) decreased dramatically to 71% from the last months’ trade volume ( 838,448RECs).

Source: reconnectenergy
Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network


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