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Rejlers Contributes with Solar Energy for Pole of Hope

Rejlers Contributes with Solar Energy for Pole of Hope


Recently, December 1st 2016, Aron Anderson will be setting out on the coldest and most hazardous adventure of his life – to be the first wheelchair-bound person to ski to the South Pole. A journey of 640 km through the icy Antarctic landscape awaits. Rejlers is contributing with a solar energy solution that will charge the batteries to keep Aron warm. Follow Aron’s adventure to the South Pole and support the Swedish Childhood Cancer Foundation at http://poleofhope.com.

In December, Aron will propel himself forwards in a sit-ski all the way to the South Pole. Starting out at the edge of the continent of Antarctica, this is an ice-cold challenge in average temperatures of around -30°C. Through Pole of Hope, Aron aims to inspire and motivate others to strive to achieve their own goals – however difficult they might be. As an additional carrot, Aron has also set a record fund-raising target – he wants Pole of Hope to raise SEK 6.4 million for the Swedish Childhood Cancer Foundation.

Rejlers contributing with solar energy

Rejlers was commissioned to develop a solar cell solution for Aron’s adventure. One requirement was for the energy solution to cope with the tough weather conditions at the South Pole, where the sun shines 24 hours a day at this time of year and where the average temperature is -30°C, although it can drop as low as -40°C. “Working in collaboration with Nyedal Solenergi, Rejlers has supplied hard-wearing, powerful solar cell technology that charges heated socks to prevent frostbite in Aron’s feet, where he has limited feeling and circulation. The system also charges his satellite telephone, GPS clock and smaller appliances via USB. The major challenge when we were developing the solution was to increase the output while keeping down the weight, Rejlers supplied a total of six solar panels that produce a total of 90 Watts at full output” says Per Hederstedt, solar cell consultant at Rejlers.

“The idea is that the solar cells, through a charge regulator that maintains the correct current/voltage ratio, charge the batteries, which have been supplied by ZipCan in collaboration with Box of ENERGY. These expeditions are extremely weight-sensitive so we have also supplied a complete backpack solar cell with built-in regulator. We just got a message from Antarctica about Aaron had to opt out of the more powerful option to keep down the overall weight, concludes Per Hederstedt.

Rejlers is one of the largest engineering consultancy firms in the Nordic region. Our 2,000 experts work with projects in the areas of Building and property, Energy, Industry and Infrastructure. At Rejlers, you will meet specialist engineers with the knowledge, cutting edge expertise and energy to achieve results. We are still experiencing rapid growth and can now be found in 80 locations in Sweden, Finland and Norway. Rejlers recorded revenue of SEK 1.9 billion in 2015 and its class B share is listed on NASDAQ Stockholm.

Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network


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