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Representative Will Davis Announces the “Path to 100 Act,” Moving Illinois to 100% Clean, Renewable Electricity

Representative Will Davis Announces the “Path to 100 Act,” Moving Illinois to 100% Clean, Renewable Electricity


Path to 100 Act expands Illinois’ Renewable Portfolio standard to 40% by 2030

SPRINGFIELD, Ill.: Illinois Representative Will Davis (D-Hazel Crest) today announced the Path to 100 Act, new legislation that expands Illinois’ renewable energy standards in order to drive new wind, solar and storage development and bring the state to 100% clean energy. Davis worked with an alliance of clean energy businesses to develop legislation that improves and expands on Illinois’ existing clean energy policies in order to drive more clean energy, new jobs and economic development.

“For the sake of our economy and our future, we need to get on the path to 100% clean, renewable electricity and we can start today,” said Davis. “The Path to 100 Act will achieve one of Governor Pritzker’s campaign goals while putting thousands of people to work, generating new investment in our state and new tax revenues for local communities.”

The Path to 100 Act builds on the efforts of the Future Energy Jobs Act (FEJA) to increase renewable energy deployment across the state. Under FEJA, several hundred megawatts of wind and solar renewable energy credits were procured including utility scale wind, utility scale solar, community solar and residential rooftop.

“The renewable energy industry is ready to invest billions of dollars in our state and deliver the clean, homegrown energy our citizens want. I intend for this Act to benefit our state equitably and spread the economic development dollars to Illinois communities throughout the state and especially those that are most in need of jobs and economic growth. I look forward to working with environmental justice, community and labor leaders to make sure the benefits of clean energy growth reach across Illinois.”

The Path to 100 Act, which will be sponsored by Senator Bill Cunningham (D-Chicago) in the Illinois Senate, will be introduced in the coming days, the key items of the bill are:

  • Expand Illinois’ Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS) from its current requirement of 25% renewable energy by 2025 to 40% renewables by 2030.
  • Ensure sufficient funding exists to fully implement the Illinois RPS. Under current law, Illinois is falling significantly short of its renewable mandate – currently generating less than 7% of our power from renewables despite requirements for 16% in 2020.
  • Drive procurement of an estimated 6,000 MW of new utility scale solar, 6,500 MW of new wind power, 7,500 MW of new residential, commercial and community scale solar.
  • Identify opportunities to pair energy storage with renewable energy development and create a statewide study to eliminate barriers for energy storage.

“We’ve seen how Illinois’ renewable energy policies can drive private investment, job training and consumer benefits. We can keep up the momentum and ensure all Illinois residents are part of our state’s clean energy future with the Path to 100,” said Amy Heart, Midwest Chair for SEIA and Policy Director for Sunrun.

“The Path to 100 Act is good for the environment and for Illinois’ economy,” said Andrew Wells, Director of Workforce Development for the Chicago Urban League. “Importantly, it provides new opportunities for individuals seeking career paths in the renewable energy field. The Chicago Urban League will continue to work to ensure that the minority communities we serve have equal access to those opportunities and are prepared to take advantage of them.”

“As a company based in Chicago, we see tremendous potential for wind power and solar energy development across Illinois if the state updates policies to match the rapidly developing renewable energy market,” said Rafael Esteban, CEO of ACCIONA Energy US Global. “The state needs a pragmatic fix to reap all the benefits wind and solar offer.”

“The Future Energy Jobs Act of 2016 is working and creating good union jobs across the state today,” said Brian Haug, president of the Illinois Solar Energy Association and Director at Continental Electric Construction. “We have an opportunity with the Path to 100 Act to allow businesses to continue hiring ensure that our solar boom doesn’t go bust.”

Path to 100 is supported by renewable energy organizations and businesses working to create jobs in Illinois. For more information, visit www.pathto100.net

Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network


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