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Researchers develop solar-powered AC bed

Researchers develop solar-powered AC bed


UAE-based Aries International Maritime Research Institute, in association with Aries International Interiors, has developed an air conditioned bed which runs on solar energy.

The innovative concept is expected to be a big boon for sun-soaked Middle East region and powerless remote villages of countries in Asia and Africa, a company release said here.

Conventional air conditioning system accounts 25-70 per cent of household’s annual energy expenses.It is high time to take to solar energy to save environment from the “jaws of global warming,” said Sohan Roy, a Naval Architect who conceived the idea, according to the release.

He said the Solar AC bed will consume only 20 per cent energy compared to the normal AC system.

It will allow 80 per cent power savings and is designed to run efficiently in all climate conditions with minimal maintenance cost, the release said adding that Solar AC bed can be run on normal electricity too.

With the launch of this ‘eco-friendly’ AC range, Aries Interiors aims to capture 10 per cent of the domestic AC market in UAE and India by end of FY 2018, the release added.

Source: PTI
Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network


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