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Rooftop solar plant at MECON

Rooftop solar plant at MECON


MECON CMD Atul Bhatt inaugurated a 20 kWp Rooftop Solar PV plant at LAB Building of MECON head office today. MECON is focusing on installing Rooftop Solar PV systems at available roof areas of its head office.

MECON has already installed 20 kWp over the roof of Front Building. The present installation is having salient features like remote & string monitoring for continuous monitoring and performance studies.

30,000 kWh of energy is expected to be generated from this Solar PV plant every year and Co2 reduction to extent of 33 tonnes per year is expected. Director (Technical) PK Sarangi, Director (Commercial), G Chatterjee, Director (Projects) Salil Kumar, and Director (Finance) RH Juneja and senior officials were present on the occasion.

Source: dailypioneer
Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network


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