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Scorpius launches is Decentralised independent ROW Tracker, SRT-60

Scorpius launches is Decentralised independent ROW Tracker, SRT-60


With the release of the SRT-60, SCORPIUS TRACKERS breaks new frontiers on the installation ability of Single
Axis Trackers to all types of land formats / terrains, including the ability to incorporate a drop of 3 meters
from one end to another across the 63 panel ROW Format.

Already installed at multiple sites and designed as per a detailed Boundary Layer Wind Tunnel Study done at the globally renowned CPP labs, the SRT-60 is the leading tracker offering in the market in terms of quality and ease of installation. The SRT-60 designed as per UL-3703, brings in the ability for the plant to begin generation within 6-8 weeks of the start of the project, which is a huge win for time and space crunched solar PPAs.

The SRT-60 is the only decentralised Row Tracker that has tolerances for BEND in North-South direction in a SINGLE row. This is achieved by the globally patented universal joint in a single row at 2 locations, to accommodate slope changes within the row.

The reduction in foundations has allowed a significant reduction in installation times. Additionally the patented bushing is tested for a life in excess of 125 years ensuring that the plant structures can last multiple design lifetimes – leveraging the ability to deliver power at minimal cost once the plant is depreciated, at ZERO Mechanical O&M SCORPIUS TRACKERS’ cutting edge professional team led by the founders, are delivering projects enabling optimal use of undulating land and the sun. The ability to deliver 28%+ CUFs is now a reality. With multiple global patents filed and latest structure design incorporating higher quality materials, the installed weight has been reduced by a large amount, ensuring stability is in no way compromised while allowing for +60 Degrees to -60 degree rotation.

In addition, the self-powered electronics and motors consume barely 0.03% of the total energy generated (in case the SELF POWERED option is not selected). With reduced number or foundations, Lightning and thunderstorm detection as well as the ability to maximize generation during cloudy conditions ensures that the SRT-60 is the de-facto standard for Single Axis Trackers.

The design is a boon for robotic cleaning, with its continuous surface without gaps and can work with all robotic solutions reducing costs while increasing efficiencies of a plants affected by heavy soiling. With the ability to sense the weather and solar insolation, SRT-60 optimises the delivery of power in cloudy / diffused conditions using advanced algorithms ensuring that every bit of sunshine is effectively captured.

With the SRT-60, issues of land requirement, undulating terrain, quick install times and module compatibility
have been comprehensively addressed, making Scorpius Trackers the technological leader in Single Axis

Source: ScorpiusTrackers
Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network


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