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Siemens enters home storage market

Siemens enters home storage market


German industrial conglomerate Siemens AG today announced the market rollout of a battery storage solution for private homes.

The lithium-ion battery, called Junelight Smart Battery, is intended to complement self-generated energy systems like rooftop photovoltaic (PV) panels.

The storage capacity allows for modular expansion. Up to six battery units with a net capacity of 3.3 kWh each can be fitted for a maximum storage of about 19.8 kWh.

Junelight Smart Battery, photo by Siemens, www.siemens.com/press,All rights reserved

The battery also comes with a software that coordinates the predictive charging and discharging procedures depending on the weather-related yield forecast of the photovoltaic system and the individual consumption profile of the household.

The Junelight Smart Battery is now available in Germany and will be launched in Austria in April 2019.

The release of the Siemens storage solutions comes on the heels of the announcement for another energy giant foray into the energy storage market – Shell’s purchase of German home battery pioneer Sonnen.

Source: renewablesnow
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