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Site – Manager- Mumbai- 6 to 8 years

Site – Manager- Mumbai- 6 to 8 years


Position : Site – Manager

No. of Positions : 1

Location : Mumbai

Experience : 6 to 8 years

Sector : EPC

Qualification : Electrical Graduate/MBA

Job Description :

Extensive experience in Site Execution & Management in the Solar Industry.
Site execution experience for executing projects of 25 MW or above.
Good Communication& presentation skills.
Conversant with Liasoning processes of Govt. bodies related to solar industry.
Roles & Responsibilities :

Project Scope Information from PM:

Understanding total project work scope, contracting details with scope clarity, site information including survey details, critical path, project work sequencing etc. from the PM.
Understanding & compliance with PM for the execution plan for the project within timelines.
Conducting meetings with the Site construction team:

Joint Study & clear understanding of the plan of execution with the construction site team.
Joint study & clear understanding of all relevant Designs & drawings with the respective heads of the team.
Taking feedbacks if any from team for better work plans or processes in interest of the project.
Draw out a detailed practical work plan for efficient execution of the project processes.
Finalize upon daily, weekly & monthly reporting formats within team for construction activity progress.
Site Resources Identifications:

PR building with the locals including Sarpanch, Police station, Statutory Govt. Offices & any other local body as needed.
Identification of local Civil, Electrical & Labour Contractors.
Identification of local resources for material handling equipment’s, consumables, & C class items.
Identification of Local electrical testing agencies as per the state TRANSCO Norms.
Site & Stores administration:

SM to induct efficient administrative processes for the man & material inward & outward movement, stores, work log books, Attendance logs, Contractor functions, document records, etc.
SM to ensure that all the site stores & administration functions are carried out appropriately & records & documentation is maintained as stipulated.
Site Works Execution:

Allocation of tasks as per execution plan to Civil, Electrical, and Stores & Administration leads.
Contractors deployed at site shall be provided with all the necessary documents including drawings for construction to facilitate the work in line with design requirements. Acknowledgment of all such documents shall be taken from the contractor.
Daily review meetings with the team for discussion on progress & further plan of action.
Open & close meetings should be conducted with the Contractors on regular basis to closely monitor work speed, progress & resources as against the Schedule agreed & provided by the Contractor.
Deviations, shortcomings, slow work progress etc. at the contractors end shall be reported on daily basis to the PM for immediate necessary action to maintain desired progress & in line working by the contractor.
Joint discussion weekly or as required with the PM on Con-calls to discuss over the project progress, anticipated hurdles/risks/resolutions & POAs.
Implement Quality checks on all fronts at frequent intervals as per Quality plan to ensure required quality as per standards.Record feedback & Inputs from Quality checks to take corrective actions & derive preventive measures for implementation.
Ensure timely issuance of WAC & WCC to contractors for work assessment & completion.
Provide Effective solutions to problems faced by the contractors during construction at site & Resolution to conflicts among team or contractors & labour paving way for smooth & timely completion of tasks.
Effective utilization of the available resources including civil & electrical leads.

SM to ensure that the contractor provides all original bills for the work done along with the WCC. Time of work completion as per contract to be verified & delays if any shall be recorded.
Records of incomplete work, poor work, damaged jobs; theft, rejected materials or works shall be maintained effectively at site office. Equivalent commercial value shall be assessed for recovery with relevant clear information to PM with evidence.
Certified Contractor Bills shall be attached with WCC & WAC as applicable & send to PM at HO for processing payments.
Liasoning fees & charges shall be well negotiated by the SM keeping in mind the budgeted costs & criticality of the situation. All such records shall be maintained in detail at site office.
SM to ensure smooth management of the site petty cash funds & reports & reconciliation of fund allocation V/s Expenses shall be got done from Admin at decided intervals.
Site construction expenses & local purchases shall be controlled to limit overall expenses within the budget.
Documentation & Reporting:

All meetings conducted with the contractors at regular intervals shall be recorded at the project site office. Copy of MOM executed shall be maintained & sent to PM.
All internal weekly meetings held at site within team members shall be recorded at project site office. A copy of all such meeting shall be sent to PM for records.
All design drawings & documents shall be maintained safely in chronological order till completion of the project.
All important documents like legal deeds, agreements, land sale/purchase documents, mutation documents, legal papers etc. shall be stored & maintained in lock & key & the responsibility of their safe maintenance lies with the Site Manager.
Stores record in soft & hard copies if any from inception till completion of the project shall be maintained for review whenever necessary.
Site test reports as per FQAP, Laboratory test reports as applicable as per FQAP & other similar reports shall be maintained in records properly.
Bills for Cash purchases of consumable, contracting of local Labours, contracting of Material handling Equipment’s or any other project requirements shall be maintained appropriately.
DPR on various activities shall be sent to PM religiously with Site photos on daily basis.
Reports on Work execution progress against Bar charts, Expenses against Budgets, Contingencies, Major laggings with reasons, extended time due to delays, Changed POA if any, Management support anticipated etc. shall be submitted to PM on weekly basis.

All statutory compliances/Licenses/permissions as applicable & required shall be strictly done by the Liasoning Engineer. SMto ensure all these activities are done in time.

Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network


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