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Site Surveyor

Site Surveyor


Job description
Exp: 2-7 years; Establishing time span of project execution as per client specifications, Preparation of detailed schedules of work for the whole project as well as daily schedules.Arranging necessary documents for billing purpose.Proper assistance to the companys management for timely completion of project.Co-ordinate between Client and Company s site management.Centre line offset marking, TBM Checking, shifting, Levels marking & Correction the errors of Bench-Marks and traversing Pillars.Establishing reference points for both horizontal and vertical control.Working area and diversion of the same.Monitoring and execution of Superstructure related works, simply supported slabs of total three concourse levels.
Desired Skills and Experience
Preparation of detailed schedules , Arranging necessary documents , management for timely completion , site management

Contact details : Vikram Solar

Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network


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