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Six Highlights! A Closer Look at Huasun Heterojunction at SNEC PV Power Expo 2024 – EQ

Six Highlights! A Closer Look at Huasun Heterojunction at SNEC PV Power Expo 2024 – EQ


On June 13, the annual solar energy event, SNEC PV POWER EXPO 2024, grandly opened at the Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center. Jimmy Xu, Chairman and CEO of Huasun Energy, was invited as a distinguished guest to inaugurate the expo during the opening ceremony.

The exhibition has already attracted hundreds of thousands of visitors and brought together 3,500 energy companies from around the world to exchange technological innovations and share the latest photovoltaic products. As a leader in heterojunction (HJT)solar technology, Huasun’s booth attracted numerous photovoltaic enthusiasts for viewing and exchanges, demonstrating its strong capabilities and influence as a leading HJT enterprise.

Huasun’s appearance at the 2024 SNEC exhibition was marked by several highlights:

Highlight 1: Debut of Anti-Dust Products, Captivating the Audience

During SNEC, Huasun launched numerous new products, including the high-profile anti-dust series.

On the morning of June 13, Ginger Dai, Head of Product Planning at Huasun, and Pei Shichao, Chief Engineer of Product R&D, officially unveiled Huasun’s new product series- anti-dust HJT modules.

The two newly released anti-dust products feature two design concepts: “prevention” and “discharge,” using full-screen and concealed perforation solutions to enhance the anti-dust and dust discharge performance of the modules.

Left: full-screen design; Right: perforationdesign

These designs are applicable across Huasun’s entire range of module products, perfect fitting in dusty environments for ground stations, industrial and commercial rooftops, and agricultural photovoltaics. The anti-dust designs help improve conversion efficiency of the modules, reduce power loss, and enhance user benefits.

Highlight 2: Huasun 0BB Star Module Offline Meet-up

Huasun’s 0BB high-power HJT module has sparked significant discussions since its launch earlier this year.

As the star exhibit, the 0BB modules attracted numerous attendees for a closer look and in-depth discussion.

Dr. Chen Jingwei, a technical expert from the Product Development Management Center, gave a detailed introduction of the technical advantages of 0BB and shared valuable insights into the HJT+0BB combination, enhancing the viewing and learning experience.

Highlight 3: Witnessing Multiple High-Profile Partnerships

In response to the new photovoltaic time, Huasun, as the world’s largest vertically integrated HJT product and solution provider, has been actively integrating industry chain resources and ecosystems.

1. Huasun and SkyworthPV Tech Partnership

A strategic cooperation agreement was signed by Wang Jiaqiang, Director of Supply Chain Department at Skyworth PV Tech, and Yang Zongyuan, Huasun General Manager of China Sales Division. This collaboration aims to expand the market application of HJT products and marks a new chapter of win-win cooperation. Xiao Zhen, Deputy General Manager of Skyworth PV Tech and Tommy Xu, Senior Vice President of Huasun Energy attended the ceremony.

2. Huasun and CTC Strategic Collaboration

Zhang Qinghua, Deputy General Manager of China Testing & Certification International Group Co., Ltd. (CTC), and Sarah Tian, Senior Director of Product Development Management Center atHuasun, signed a strategic cooperation agreement. CTC also awarded Huasun three certifications: “Type III Environmental Declaration Supervision Compliance Certificate,””Product Carbon Footprint Supervision Compliance Certificate,” and “Best Quality Outdoor Verification Award.”

3. Huasun, TÜV SÜD, and National Institute of Metrology Collaboration

Huasun further expanded its collaboration, signing a tripartite agreement with TÜV SÜD and the National Institute of Metrology, China. Dr. Wang Wenjing, CTO at Huasun, Zhang Zhulin, Reliability and Standardization Institute Director at TÜV SÜD, and Xiong Limin, Chief Metrologist at National Institute of Metrology signed the cooperation agreement, deepening collaboration in the photovoltaic field.

4. Huasun and CCCC Gas & Heating Research and Design Institute

Huasun and CCCC Gas & Heating Research and Design Institute joined forces, with a cooperation agreement signed and witnessed by Xing Tandeng, Deputy General Manager of the Shanghai Branch and Zhang Luojia, GM Assistant of East China Branchat the CCCC Gas & Heating Research and Design Institute, as well as Key Account Manager Ma Shileiand General Manager Yang Zongyuan of China Sales Division at Huasun.

With these significant partners, Huasun’s development in HJT will be further solidified. As a leader in HJT industrialization, Huasun continues to build a win-win model, deeply integrating industry chain resources to promote faster, more efficient technological upgrades and broader market applications.

Highlight 4: Huasun Colorful HJT Wall – A Popular Photo Spot

At Huasun’s booth, the popular background wall designed with different sizes and colors of HJT attracted many photovoltaic enthusiasts, becoming a must-visit spot in Hall 7.2F.

In addition to the vibrant colorful modules, Huasun’s new distributed residential products, such as photovoltaic tiles and balcony systems, showcased both aesthetics and performance with their exquisite appearance and outstanding quality details.

Highlight 5: Steel Frame + Automated Installation, Powerfully Combined

The steel-framed modules and automated installation system at Huasun’s booth drew many inquiries.

The system offers millimeter-level positioning, autonomous navigation, and obstacle avoidance, with advantages like easy operation, efficient installation, and low costs.

The steel-framed modules featured on-site boast higher strength and hardness, wear resistance, lower material costs, and a lower carbon footprint. With high-reliability encapsulation using double glass and butyl rubber, and 0BB technology, these modules provide customers with high system value and low-carbon solutions.

Highlight 6: Plenty of Prizes, Continuous Excitement!

Besides new product releases, signing ceremonies, and informative technical sessions, Huasun also organized interactive activities like quizzes, games, and live performances. Visitors could enjoy music, play games, win prizes, and even get creative ice cream from Huasun. The numerous benefits created an immersive exhibition experience.

As a pioneer in HJT mass production, Huasun showcased its latest achievements in HJT technology through various new products and technologies. Huasun remains committed to innovation and collaboration, working with industry peers to accelerate the industrialization of HJT, promote the positive transformation and sustainable development of the photovoltaic industry, and jointly embrace a future of green energy!

Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network