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SMA Launches The World’s First Medium Voltage Station For String Inverters

SMA Launches The World’s First Medium Voltage Station For String Inverters


SMA Solar Technology AG (SMA) has launched the world’s first medium-voltage station in a 10-foot container for Sunny Tripower inverters, the MVS-STP, thereby expanding its portfolio serving decentralized photovoltaic power plants. The turnkey MVS-STP solution, specifically designed for string inverters, considerably simplifies setup of photovoltaic power plants with a decentralized system layout. In addition to quicker transport, the MV station makes cost savings possible thanks to shortened installation and commissioning times.

“In the past, decentralized photovoltaic power plant builders could only create the link needed to connect to medium-voltage grids directly on-site with components that had been delivered individually,” said Boris Wolff, Executive Vice President of the Utility business unit at SMA. Adapting the components to each other, organizing overseas and domestic transport and assembly used to mean considerable effort and extremely long transport and installation times for PV power plant builders. “In the MVS-STP, every component needed for connection to the medium-voltage grid comes completely installed,” continued Wolff. “This single-source principle makes the connection easier without major effort on-site. Thanks to low maintenance effort, PV power plants in remote, difficult-to-reach regions can benefit from the new MVS-STP. The 10-foot container can be transported by land and sea safely, cost-effectively and easily.”

The SMA MVS-STP is an integrated solution and consists of a transformer, a low-voltage distribution board for connection of up to 30 Sunny Tripower inverters, a medium-voltage switchgear, and it works with 600 kVA to 1800 kVA of power. Every component comes pre-assembled in a 10-foot container with an optimized cooling system. This maintains the advantage offered by the decentralized installation of the string inverters, which are still installed directly on-site. The MVS-STP is suitable for global use, particularly for decentralized ground-based PV systems and large-scale commercial roof systems, and is available immediately. – See more at: http://www.sma.de//en/newsroom/current-news/news-details/news/13713-sma-launches-the-worlds-first-medium-voltage-station-for-string-inverters.html#sthash.mK4R79Qc.dpuf

Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network


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