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Solar Access Soars In Boston

Solar Access Soars In Boston


BOSTON: Eversource customers in Boston and the rest of eastern Massachusetts can now save money on their electric bill by subscribing to community solar farms in western Massachusetts. Ampion has launched an outreach campaign to help residents and businesses enroll for cleaner, more affordable power under the program.

Ampion works with Massachusetts solar developers to build community solar farms. As these farms produce power, subscribers receive “solar credits” on their electric bill that offset their balance. In addition to supporting clean power, subscribers save money through the program, as each credit is sold at a discount from their value on the electric bill.

“This is one of the most advantageous customer programs the Commonwealth has ever seen. Bostonians can simply sign up for a clean energy offering that cuts their utility costs,” said Nate Owen, CEO of Ampion. “The benefits of solar are now available to people who never before had the option: lower prices, cleaner air, and safer energy. We’ve already had hundreds of residents and businesses sign up.”

Previously, the community solar program in Massachusetts was separated between Eversource’s eastern service territory, known as NSTAR, and its western territory, known as the Western Massachusetts Electric Company, or WMECo. Consolidation of these jurisdictions means that Boston residents can subscribe to WMECo solar farms where there is more land for construction.

“As a Bostonian, I can experience the benefits of community solar as both an advocate and a customer,” says Chris Mills, head of outreach at Ampion. “As a tenant, I could never go solar, but now it’s easier than ever. Even if I move, I can take my subscription with me anywhere in the city. It’s a point I like to make to my friends who rent their apartments.”

Eversource customers can learn more and sign up by visiting signup.ampion.io. Capacity is limited, so residents and businesses are encouraged to enroll their meters while there is still availability.

About Ampion:
Ampion is a Boston-based renewable energy company focused on providing customers with community solar. Ampion performs customer outreach and engagement to develop and support renewable energy infrastructure across the country. Its platform connects customers with providers, streamlining the customer experience and optimizing operations for project owners. To learn more, visit ampion.io.

Source: Ampion
Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network


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