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Solar Energy: Boost to farmer income in India

Solar Energy: Boost to farmer income in India


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As markets shift to cleaner energy sources, India has been declared as the cheapest producer of solar energy by International Renewable Energy Agency’s survey. Earlier, people in India were not very familiar with solar energy but now the situation has reversed. The usage of solar energy has seen steady rise in past few years and now it’s been used both in rural and urban parts of the country.

The use of solar energy was confined previously but India is accelerating in the direction of solar energy with the initiative taken by the government to double the income of farmers. In a report released by International Renewable Energy Agency, India is producing the cheapest solar energy whereas Canada is the most expensive producer in the list.

Since last few years, India is continously pacing forward in solar energy sector.

With constantly rising consumption of electricity per person in India, its high time that India must start boosting it’s feet in Renewable energy.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has called for investments to the tune of $100 billion in the solar sector by 2022. The government has also targeted to reach capacity of 175 gigawatts in 2014, which can reduce carbon.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi was awarded with the United Nations’ highest environmental award ‘Champions of Earth Award’ for his positive initiatives for pioneering work and environment is a proof of how much the government is moving forward towards solar power.

In a country like India, where renewable energy is cheap is a positive sign which can lead to a revolution of clean energy. Along with this, it can be a major halt, where the countries which are dependent on fossil fuel, will lead their path towards Green Energy.

Source: ddinews.gov.in
Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network


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