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Solar Farm Co. Just Issued almost 1GW of 25 Year PPA’s

Solar Farm Co. Just Issued almost 1GW of 25 Year PPA’s


Innovative Solar Systems (ISS) was just issued almost 1 Gigawatt of 25 Year Purchase Power Agreements (PPA’s) in several mid-west states where the company now has a large foot print of Greenfield solar farm development sites. ISS has been in business developing and building Utility Scale Solar Farm projects for almost six years now, was ranked #4 by Solar World Magazine last year and will be ranked #1 in the industry for solar farm developers this year. ISS is considered to be the best solar farm developer in the industry for many reasons, 1) higher quality project sites, 2) lower EPC construction costs, 3) better IRR projects due to the company’s ability to secure better PPA’s and 4) lower cost of ownership due to better engineered projects and 5) lower O&M costs over the life of the companies projects.

Innovative Solar Systems is one of the few developers of solar farms that can offer complete Turn-Key solutions for investors, funds and family offices. ISS develops all of their projects in house and does not buy second rate or less than perfect projects from others. Every single Solar Farm project that ISS develops and sells was initiated by ISS and developed in its entirety by ISS to assure quality control. ISS currently has almost 10 Gigawatts of projects in development for 2017; approximately 200 projects ranging in size from 20MW to 200MW or larger. ISS is currently forming new relationships and partnerships with European buyers on a daily basis as the company expands its client list for Shovel Ready, NTP and COD Solar Farms here in the U.S. Innovative Solar Systems is currently building projects in the low $1/watt range and due to the projects having better PPA rates the returns on the projects that ISS sells to others are some of the best in the market.

Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network


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