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Solar Farm Company Offering 265MW of Projects for 8.6%-34% IRR’s

Solar Farm Company Offering 265MW of Projects for 8.6%-34% IRR’s


Innovative Solar Systems, LLC has just finished development on a group of ten (10) solar farm projects in three eastern U.S. States that total 265 Megawatts of AC Power. This portfolio of “Shovel Ready” projects are being offered to qualified buyers for immediate sale. The projects are known as IS82-5MW, IS84-20MW, IS97-20MW, IS123-5MW, IS53-40MW, IS54-50MW, IS67-35MW, IS68-50MW, IS106-20MW and IS113-20MW. The projects are located in South Carolina, Alabama and North Carolina and the rates of return for both Sponsor Equity and Tax Equity investors are excellent on these projects. This first group of construction ready projects is just the first of many portfolios to be offered by ISS this year as the company has now expanded into sixteen (16) states and has upwards of 5GW of projects in early stage development.

Innovative Solar Systems, LLC has an extensive track record in solar farm development and is currently working on project IS178-60MW as of this writing. John E. Green, CEO and spokesman of ISS claims that his company has rapidly expanded over the last year and will have at least 500 solar farm projects to their credit by 2020. Institutional Investors as well as private office money investors are realizing some of the largest profits in the history for renewable energy projects due to falling solar panel prices and reduced costs to construct and install systems. The Federal Investment Tax Credit extension through 2022 has also fueled expansion and the need for utility scale solar farm projects in the United States. ISS is currently in early stage development on a massive 750MW solar farm project in the Mid-West and hopes to have that project under phase 1 of construction by 2017-2018.

With Innovative Solar Systems, LLC expanding so rapidly throughout the entire United States the company is also working on a series of “Private Placement Memorandums” that will enable the company to raise the much needed $50,000,000 capital to fund early stage development of the company’s extensive pipeline of new projects. ISS is currently interviewing both Investment Bankers and Broker-Dealers that will assist the company in their series of capital raises for the company’s expansion plans. ISS is also in the process of recruiting many more Executive Level Positions that will be instrumental in helping the company navigate new markets for the sale of power on the open grid.

Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network


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