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Solar Farm Project Developer Discloses 2016 Equity Partner Plans


Innovative Solar Systems, LLC (ISS) is one of the largest developers of utility scale solar farm projects in the United States and has just announced company plans to secure an equity partner for the 2016-2018 calendar years as the company quickly expands a current 2 GW portfolio of projects to well over 5GW by 2018. The whole dynamic around developing solar farm projects has changed over the last year states John Green, the CEO of ISS, and as such it now makes perfect sense for the company to partner with a large billion dollar capital partner to more rapidly advance projects through NTP or COD stages. ISS is currently in talks with dozens of investment bankers to find and secure a financial partner that makes the most sense for ISS.  ISS will then have the financial resources needed to advance and expand company development activities into many more new states and markets.

ISS currently has almost 2GW of solar farm projects in development stage and could have another 3GW of projects in the company’s pipeline within the next 12-24 months once a financial partner is secured. An equity partner would not only have the ability to gain full access to the ISS projects but would also have the ability to generate returns in the range of 30-50% by funding early stage project development for the company. John Green, CEO of ISS, states the company is searching for the right equity partner that makes the most sense for the company that can bring anywhere from $100Mill to $3Bill to the company to fund the development and advancement of solar farm projects in about 12 states. There are few, if any solar farm companies in the U.S. that have the size and magnitude of projects that ISS has in the company pipeline for the next five years and large capital groups will certainly want to contact ISS immediately about this partnership opportunity announcement.

Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network


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