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Solare Datensysteme GmbH – Sibert Solar becomes Service Partner for UK & Ireland

Solare Datensysteme GmbH – Sibert Solar becomes Service Partner for UK & Ireland


Solare Datensysteme (SDS) has been active with its Solar-Log™ products in the UK for over six years. The customer and partner satisfaction is at a high level and has always been paramount for the company since the beginning of its business activities. SDS sought out an experienced service partner in Great Britain to be able to adjust to the market developments, to maintain the high level of customer satisfaction and to have a strong local partner: Sibert Solar. With the experience and know-how concerning the market in the UK, Sibert Solar is able to provide customers outstanding service directly on-site. Sibert Solar has already been active as an authorized SDS distributor for the past few years and therefore knows the Solar-Log™ products and monitoring platform well.

Sibert Solar has a UK-based office and warehouse for Solar-Log™ products, will take care of local technical support and hotline, and will conduct training courses in Great Britain. In addition, Sibert Solar had already designed and developed the Solar-Log™ PM Box (EMS – Export Management System) according to the ER G100 Export Limitation requirements for the UK market – this provided additional options for the Solar-Log™ in regard to independent safety functions and compliance in the area of power management and feed-in limitation requirements.

The Solar-Log™ PM Box is also currently used in other countries. The ONIX spa in Kosovo is a good example in this regard: In general, there is a 0% reduction in Kosovo. Therefore, the PV power generated from the PV plant at the spa cannot be fed into the grid. There was only one solution to ensure this 0% feed-in: the Solar-Log™ PM Box.

“We are convinced that we will quickly and effectively strengthen our already well established basis with the cooperation with Sibert Solar and that we are able to provide customers in Great Britain even better support. According to a study from GTM Research on the global PV monitoring software market, we were able to successfully maintain our ‘leading position’ as an independent software provider in the global PV market, but also – particularly important here – in the British market as well. We would like to continue to build on this success in the next years,” said Silvia Blumenschein-Schütz, VP Sales/ Strategic Coordination at Solare Datensysteme GmbH.

Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network


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