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Sollega Launches New Website with Online PV Racking Design Configurator

Sollega Launches New Website with Online PV Racking Design Configurator


SAN FRANCISCO: Sollega, a leading manufacturer of commercial flat roof and ballasted ground mount PV racking has launched a new website.  Our new online configurator tool enables clients to easily design and quote PV projects.  The interactive system collects all the necessary information enabling the array to be designed and ordered.  Be sure to stop by our booth (9215) on the 3rd floor at Intersolar and see a demonstration and learn how Sollega does racking differently.

Sollega’s FR510 injection molded racking system is a one piece, stackable modular design.  It can mount all 60,72,96 and 128 cell modules.  The racking arrives ready to install, no assembly required.  All module attachments are top-down and require one size tool. FR10’s are injection molded in California from Ultramid–an advanced glass reinforced nylon developed in partnership with BASF, the world leader in polymers. Ultramid is engineered to withstand extreme weather conditions such as high salt spray.  It will not rust or corrode or oxidize.  Sollega provides an industry leading 25 year warranty. The FR510 is able to mount framed modules at 5° & 10° (10″ & 13″ inter-row spacing). Built in reference tabs ensure perfectly aligned arrays. The ability to attach rail internally, provides for increased load sharing, and, for hybrid systems, flexibility in mechanical anchor installation. Racking ships on individual pallets of 20 kW (90 FR510’s) ensure easy staging.  500 kW fits in a 40′ shipping container.   Labor savings due to our no assembly and build as you goinstallation procedure will ensure your project is more profitable.    Our racking has successfully withstood category 5 hurricanes in the Caribbean.  With over 8 years and 100 MW of commercial PV experience, Sollega will ensure your next project is a success.

Key features:

  • 5° or 10° mounting options
  • 10″ & 13″ row spacing
  • Most projects are 3-5 PSF
  • Simple, modular, one-piece design
  • Stackable design for low cost shipping
  • Compatible with all framed modules (60,72,96 cell)
  • Compatible with select frameless modules
  • Fully ballasted, anchored, and hybrid options
  • Integrated grounding (UL 467)
  • Class A fire rating with type I,II,III modules
  • Roof friendly with round edges and low point loads
  • All top-down module connections
  • All fasteners are stainless steel & aluminum
  • PE engineering and ballast layout services available
  • Designed and manufactured in the USA

Our mission is to provide the easiest to install and most cost effective solar PV mounting solutions available.  Our goal is to enable the installation of solar PV on every suitable flat surface in the world.

Source: Sollega Inc.
Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network


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