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Sunport Power’s Wuxi factory in mass production with Eurotron equipment

Sunport Power’s Wuxi factory in mass production with Eurotron equipment


Bleskensgraaf, the Netherlands: Recently engineers from Eurotron, member of Eurogroep, have ramped up new production lines at Sunport Power’s facility in Wuxi. With these production lines, Sunport Power expands the company’s leadership position in the production of MWT modules. Sunport Power’s Chinese production plants in Nanjing, Pizhou and Wuxi are currently producing an annual 5,0 million solar panels yielding a combined power harvest of 1,7GWp per annum.

Sunport Power understands the benefits of back-contact PV modules. Compared to traditional modules, back-contact PV modules show a significant improvement in real life performance and accelerated lifetime tests. This means that Sunport Power’s clients can generate more energy and can expect a longer module lifetime for each installed module. Dr. Fengming Zhang, the President and CEO of SPP, says: ‘with the stable and flexible Eurotron equipment we are able to produce full and half-cell modules in an outstanding performance’.

Bram Verschoor, Commercial Director of Eurogroep: ‘we are proud of our partnership with Sunport Power, who is a leading company in the field of back-contact solar modules. Together we make a difference, providing Sunport Power’s clients with the highest quality in PV modules. We look forward to contribute to further expansions in the near future’.

Notes to the editor
For more information about this press release, please contact Chris van Vianen, Marketing Manager at Eurotron, at chris.vanvianen@eurogroep.com

About Eurotron
Eurotron, member of Eurogroep, is a global leader in equipment for manufacturing of back-contact PV modules with an installed production capacity of 3 GWp a year which is equivalent to 9 million PV modules. Established in the Netherlands in 2005 and with a branch in McMinnville, Tennessee (USA), Eurotron develops equipment for the back-contact manufacturing process in close cooperation with internationally operating tier-one clients.

For more information about Eurotron please visit www.eurotron.com.

About Sunport Power
Sunport Power Corp., Ltd. is dedicated to the development and production of solar cells and modules with high efficiency and reliable performance. The company is founded by Dr. Fengming Zhang and his team. Sunport Power has three industrial bases in Nanjing, Xuzhou and Wuxi, covering solar cells, back sheets and PV modules.

For more information about Sunport Power please visit www.sunportpower.com.

Source: eurogroep
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